Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Flame Now Extinguished

I can see the setting of the Sun
I watch a sky turning red
A romantic meal where candles burn
Poetry and beautiful words said

But then I look further at this World
There is a horror I wish I never saw
The terror I can see being hurled
The waste of life in a terrible war

Look at the young couples holding hands
Because now all I see is the colour black
Their love is one everybody understands
What of those young soldiers not coming back ?

Countless graves mark heroes who were not long, boys
Now they are gone, killed by a bomb or a gun
I shake my head at these lives now destroyed
Too many graves are here of men who were young

Show a salute for a man who once was a young lover
Who became a soldier to do what he believed to be right
Now these many young men lay buried next to each other
A flame now extinguished that once burned bright

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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