Thursday, 28 October 2010

After Dark

In the light, it is a safe place
Somewhere you stay together
Living without any thought of fear
Going day to day about your tasks
Nothing is there to cause distress

After dark, is when they will come
They will take you from your bed
Rip your flesh and feed on your bones
Their hunger will drive them for more
Devouring all they find, until the dawn

In the light, the scared will gather together
Seeking out safety from sacred places
Planning to retaliate when they come next
To be ready to fight back, to stay alive
Hoping against hope to repel the horror

After dark, they are back in greater number
Their hoardes have swelled with the converted
For their infection has spread, and spreads still
As the hunger builds, the blood lust takes control
And no weapon will be of use, there is nowhere to hide

In the light, there are only a few left who suffer
Afraid of the dark, and that which dwells within
Feeling they are to be used only as cattle
For those only bitten have to be destroyed
The terror is beginning for the night belongs to them

After dark, they come like a gathering storm
Man and beast will become to be their prey
There is nothing that can stop them, as they feed
No sanctuary will stop them from sniffing you out
For now is the time of doomsday, for this is the end

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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