Saturday, 4 December 2010


Some say you must be brave
And to face each new day
As a day further from the grave
A day where Death kept away

Try telling that to a cancer victim
Where each new day is a luxery
Each day is special to them
Each day they hope they will see

Or tell it to a victim of rape
Where the hurt is so deep inside
From nightmares they can never escape
Feeling they have lost their pride

Tell it to the soldier standing there
Living with the terror and blood shed
See the horror in his eyes that stare
Knowing that any time he could be dead

Tell it to the mother who lost her baby
Knowing new life was taken away
To her there will be no maybe
To her she weeps every day

So think of what is all around
What to this world we have done
Death, he comes without any sound
Cry with me new tears always begun


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Tears In The Dust

Small boy huddled in a corner

He will never question why

He did not dishonour his father

But that did not stop the black eye

Little baby all battered and beaten

Can not hide away being bruised

Mother can not stop her drinking

But the baby should not be abused

Young girl is daddys' pride and joy

She worships him, no one can know

Makes her protect his little secret

Does not listen when she says no

I look down, crying tears in the dust

In that dust my tears glisten

Knowing that children do not deserve this

Hoping, out there, people will listen


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Sweet Dream

My darling dream of me

For I always dream of you

In our dreams, anywhere to be

In our dreams, anything we do

Let your dreams always be sweet

From your lips, butterfly kisses

Our dreams together are elite

From your heart, secret wishes

So my darling, dream of me this night

In your dreams I will walk to you

Come to you through the star light

Someday your dream will come true


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Super Hero

He flys to rescue the girl

From his most villainous foe

They will do battle for the thrill

The hero gives the victory blow

He flys her safely to the ground

He takes his foe off to jail

In his cell his foe makes no sound

He will once again escape, without fail

The hero changes into his secret identity

Who he really is, no one has guessed

He has enemies which are plenty

With his special powers he is blessed

But when two superheroes must meet

Misunderstandings can cause them to fight

So each other they have to beat

Before they both can see the light

Now he discovers his bitter foe did escape

And once again is doing his dastardly deed

So our hero now changes into his cape

To once again do battle, and succeed


copyright Chris Smith 2006

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, sitting here in thought

Wondering, for me, what life has brought

And what else will my life continue to bring

Still sitting here, this Sunday morning

So many people, I have touched out there

So many people that will always care

But there are those, who do not know me

Those people who touch, and show me

Homeless people who live day to day

No home where they can just stay

Old vagrant with a cold step to sit

Where on Sunday morning does he fit

Woman, unhappy, suffering with her pain

Upset her man, so he went and hit her again

She would leave, but has no where to go

Trapped, for there is no one who wants to know

Black man, at him, they throw stones

Hit him, and break his bones

But he is a man, just like me

That is all that people should see

Sunday morning, and also out there today

Are those children who have run away

Not sure where to go, what they will find

People just turn away, with eyes so blind

Old people who are now living in fear

Living where the police do not go near

Gangs hanging around, on every corner

Treating the elderly without honour

Sunday morning, these words come in my head

Write them down so they are then read

All my words I write down to share

For those that see them, for those who can not, I will care

copyright Chris Smith 2007

Suicides' Kiss

He is giving in to life today

He has thrown it all away

So alone where no one is there

Lonely where no one will care

He is no one special to miss

He will welcome suicides' kiss

She sits drunk with her drink

Further into the sadness to sink

Her man left her alone last week

Ignores his phone and will not speak

She thinks that no one will miss

She will now embrace suicides' kiss

When things start to shatter for me

Solutions I can no longer see

When I am so tired of this dark life

I will never be forced to take up the knife

For too many friends I would come to miss

And I would never want to take suicides' kiss

copyright Chris Smith 2008

Suffer The Children

Saturday morning and children play

Safe under a parent's watchful eye

They will play on every day

Comforted if they fall and cry

But what about in another land

Where they are hungry with nothing to eat

These children could never understand

These are children we never meet

What about the children people neglect

Who live a life where no one will care

This is not the life they would sellect

This is not a life that is really fair

For these children I cry tears

Suffer the children, this should not be

It still goes on, dispite my fears

Where some just refuse to see

Children are a godsend to me and you

We protect them, watch them grow

But out there, there are a few

Where the World leads to woe

copyright Chris Smith 2005


Suffer the innocent

Who do no wrong

They close their eyes

And they never belong

Suffer the children

In a harsh world they grow

Danger within their playground

It is all they ever know

Suffer the woman

Living only in rape

Where would she go

How would she escape

Suffer the man

Judged by the colour of his skin

Cursed for being different

Why is that a sin

Suffer the poet

Having the words to say

Sadness to write then down

Innocent in no other way


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Friday, 3 December 2010



Fires blaze from the sky

Seeking out the very damned

People are falling at my feet

And there is nothing I can do

No one knows what is happening

And where the fire comes from


They appear high above us

Riders of the destruction

From the Apocalypse they come

Four horsemen grinning above

From them there can be no escape

For this is the end of mankind


I awake from a nightmare

From what was only a dream

I get dressed and meet the day

A new day for an ordinary world

Everything seems normal, when suddenly

Fires blaze from the sky


copyright Chris Smith 2008


You are bound and are mine
Surrender your self to me
Feel my kiss move down your spine
For we know what will be

You can not stop me as my hands explore
For blind folded you can not see
My fingers feeds your desire even more
Give in, let your body be free

Bondage holds you, as I move behind
My hands cupping with carresses of touch
Moving deep with the movement we find
Hidden animal desire takes us as such

Buried deep inside, we feel as if one
Like a waterfall I can feel the flow
Moving together as if we belong
Your submission with your soul


copyright Chris Smith 2009


I once was weak, dragged to the floor
Left in the dust, couldn't take anymore
I felt useless like a cracked rainbow
Desperation still seemed to grow

Nothing would ever seem to go right
I was in the dark without a light
I still kept taking those punches
One of the people life crunches

Then she came and she picked me up
I was in the shadows no longer
She rescued me when I'd had enough
She helped me to feel a little bit stronger

I was down, lower that I'd ever been
I was invisible, one of the unseen
Felt like I'd been dragged through the hedge
I was so close to being pushed off the edge

I had lost faith, I no longer believed in hope
I became near to the end of my rope
It looked like that nothing ever mattered
My mirror was all broken and shattered

Then she came and she picked me up
I was in the shadows no longer
She rescued me when I'd had enough
She helped me to feel a little bit stronger


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Strange Lands Indeed

Close your eyes and come take my hand
As we take a walk across smiling crocodiles
Passing dancing penguins that wish us good morning
So they tilt up their top hats as they greet us

Green and yellow and purple striped tigers
Come bouncing by, chasing pink polka dot butterflies
Kings and Queens jump of of jack in a boxes
Laughing at the horse that has got two heads

You open your eyes and you can see the mad man
Trying to change the world as he writes down his poetry
Giggling to himself in his strange mixed up way
As he looks in the crystal mirror he looks just like me

Look up and watch the bumble bee as he chases the lady bird
The elephant driving in his bright red mini cab
You see the world of floating giant oak doors
And you know it is a shame the read world is on the other side

So we cross over the bridge of a magical rainbow
To where the Satyr dances with the pixie princess
But soon you will forget me and this place we visit
You wake up and the colour has changed to black and white

copyright Chris Smith 26th November 2009

Strange Girl

They said she was a strange girl
The odd one out in any group
Dressed in black, like a vampire
So they threw stones at her

She liked to listen to Heavy Rock
While they listened to the lastest Pop
Spat at her, rubbed things in her hair
Called her bad names and dragged her down

She excelled at school. she did her best
She was always the top of her class
Still they would make her life a misery
Tears would stain her black eye liner

Her parents found her, hanging in her room
With a note telling of the sadness of her life
Those that caused it, they never cared
Over the death of a poor strange girl


copyright Chris Smith 2010

As poets we have the words that reach out, that can shock the reader. We can make a stand on many subjects and that is why each poet has something of value to say and to read.


I never thought I could believe
That there was love at first sight
Now I am waiting to receive
Your love that burns so bright

You came and took me by surprise
I never knew that you were there
Now you lift me up on to highs
I am waiting for that moment to share

You are my stowaway
Hiding in my heart
You are my stowaway
Waiting in my heart

Like a secret waiting to be found
You were ready for me to discover
You crept up on me without a sound
I am looking forward for my lover

You were hiding in some special place
For me to find you all this while
I look forward now to seeing your face
I look forward now to making you smile

You are my stowaway
Hiding in my heart
You are my stowaway
Hiding in my heart

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Story Teller

The story teller came to town

Long beard and flowing gown

He came with a smile

He would stay for a while

Told stories for all to hear

Old stories from another year

Always had a moral at the end

People came from afar to attend

He never had a bad word to say

Teaching stories of peace everyday

But some did not like the words he said

They put a price on his head

Said he was an enemy of the state

Arrested him to face his fate

He went with them with his own free will

Nailed him to a cross on a hill

People came from far and wide to cry

He smiled, for them he would die

Told them believe in him and he is here

Believe, and his spirit is always near


copyright Chris Smith 2002

Stolen Heart

Amanda Fern was twenty years old, long blond hair with brown eyes and many called her beautiful.

She was desired by many men, a six foot beauty, of slim build with curves that drove them wild.

She always dressed to please, like tonight she wore a dress that left nothing to the imagination, it was pink and by the way it clung to her body it was obvious she wore nothing underneath.

She wore leather knee high boots and she was waiting for a client to pick her up for her job was an escort.

At eighteen a rich boyfriend had paid for her to have implants, 34DD, he had been sixty seven and she had dumped him after she got what she wanted.

She found richer and older men paid more to have her, and they never lasted long, if they had the money she would use them and she never lost her heart to any of them.

She had received three hundred dollars from someone by the name of Sam Haine, she had never met him and she was to wait for transport to pick her up to take her to the rural countryside.

She was hoping this Samuel Haine, whoever he was, would be her next sugar daddy.Suddenly  a coach of horses arrived, with a coachman dressed in black, his face hidden by a black scarf who beckoned for her to get into the coach.

"Whatever" she said and enterd and sat in the coach, it had leather seats and must have cost a fortune.

The journey was long, leaving the city and heading for the country, past fields which seemed dark and eerie in the night.

They arrived at a mansion, ivy covered the walls and  Amanda could see the large oak doors were open as inviting her to enter them.

The coachman opened the door of the coach, and never spoke but she got the message, she was to enter the mansion alone.

As she entered those oak doors beautiful crystal chandeliers bathed her in candlelight but there was no one to greet her, it was then she heard his voice for the first time.

"Come to the master bedroom, third floor at the top of the stairs, the door is open" he said from up above those stairs with dark gren carpets.It was a voice of someone younger than she expected, a voice that seemed so ancient but sounded so gentle.

Amanda walked up the stairs then came to her destination, through she could see a four poster bed with white silk sheets, covered with red rose petals and as she entered the room she saw him for the first time.

He looked to be thirtyish, he had long flowing brown hair, it flowed past his shoulders and he was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life.His eyes seemed coal black, but they shined and he seemed so pale skinned standing there in an old fashioned looking frilled white shirt and black trousers.

He must had been six foot four, she wasn't used to men taller than herself and that voice was like music to her when he spoke.

"You are a beauty indeed, come to me" he said, and she approached him for this was the first time she had ever wanted a man, had felt this way.

He lifted her dress and she felt it glide off over her head and his eyes seemed to glow as he studied her naked her body and she knew she had to have him.

He lay her on the bed and she felt him kiss down her body and then his mouth and tongue found her thighs and he tasted her, and she shuddered with delight.

He probed her masterfully with his tongue, tasting her deep inside and she exploded with an orgasm that rocked her from inside, for the first time she was in love.

He undressed, then joined her on the bed, his body was well formed with muscles and she needed him.

He kissed and gently nibbled her nipples making her wet again, then he was inside her moving with a slow and gentle rhythm, she wrapped her legs around him and screamed as he brought her to orgasm time and time again.

He never made a sound and when he came inside her, she felt him flow deep into her and she felt alive, she never knew sex could ever feel like this.She stayed there on the bed, and she watched him dress and she felt her heart sink, hoping he would ask her to stay and not send her back to the city.

"Please stand my sweet" he said and she obeyed, he came to her and she felt his right hand touch her as her heart beat fast.

She never felt the pain, all she knew was he had something in his head as he took it away from her chest and she looked down and saw her blood gushing from a hole below her left breast.She saw the evil in his eyes as he watched her dying, as darkness came to her all she could think was "He stole my heart".


copyright Chris Smith 2010


Watching night dust the comet did toss

Night sky sparkling with the stars

And you and me are lovers of a starcross

Love that shows from Earth to Mars

A heavenly Angel you always are to me

Walking along pure white clouds with you

On a beautiful night blue sky we will be

These feelings of universal bliss are true

The contours of your body move with grace

Your love comes and feels me with delight

The moon shines bright on your face

I see purity for my love this night

copyright Chris Smith   2009


This pain I know you feel

And that no one can tell

The agony is so real

You hide it so very well

You suffer with a smile

You live out the day

You can hide it for a while

But it never goes away

A brave soul going on

Showing the World who you are

Even when this trouble is never gone

You shine brighter than any star


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Standing On The Corner

Standing on the corner to nowhere
Facing down the street to somewhere
Feeling lost in a world full of ghosts
My head is full where demons are hosts

Wandering alone in a forgotten day
Wondering who is going to take me away
Because solitude seems the only place to go
Because emptiness is the only name I know

So won't you come and rescue me
Take me up and set me free
So won't you come and rescue me
Open up my eyes for me to see

Temptation came up and spat in my face
Salvation came and called me a disgrace
Those demons are coming closer by
My face hurts with the tears I cry

I'm running in circles, back to here
Hiding my face, hoping there's nothing to fear
I stay here wishing for someone to be there
Standing on the corner to nowhere

So won't you come and rescue me
Take me up and set me free
So won't you come and rescue me
Open up my eyes for me to see


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Standing Here

If you ever saw me standing here

I wonder what would you say

Would you come close, be near

Or would you turn and walk away

If I tried to talk to you

Would you listen to me

I wonder what you would do

Would my words just be empty

Could you ever show me love, somehow

Or would there be broken promises made

Could you be my friend and lover now

Or would you worry my looks would fade

If I read you poetry, would you think me mad

Told you stories from the greatest tales

Would you be happy with what we had

Or is this another relationship that fails

Can you understand me with what I utter

Do these words make you understand

Or do they become another empty mutter

Cast away just like a grain of sand


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Splintered Edge

We walk, side by side, with life.
Not knowing in which direction,
Not sure where it is taking us.
Of which way we have to turn.

We seem to be travelling that bridge,
Far above the waters of Time.
The further we keep crossing,
The narrower that bridge becomes.

What is that destination that awaits us?,
Will we ever reach the other side, in the end?.
That is a question that lays here, unanswered.
As this bridge becomes more uneven, the further we go.

There will come that day when we run out of space,
Where we can go no further on this journey.
We will come to that corner where we are trapped,
There will be no way across that splintered edge.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Spiral Path

Solitaire is a lonely game
Playing without a name
Inside the soul is blackened
Ruined and forever darkened
Ageless thoughts of the undead
Lying twisted in an aching head

Plasma nourished, needing to drink
As deeper into nightmare, to sink
Travelling forever, in darkest dormain
Hell as a dweller of night to always remain


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Special Times

There are those special times
When you listen to a lovers heart
When the poetry always rhymes
And the words are easy to start

When those decisions in your head
Turn out to be the right thing
And all the things you have said
Show the love that you bring

So you look deep into her eyes
You can see her love and desire
And everything that she tries
Does not hide a passion of fire

You know that she is the one
You have spent your life searching for
She always makes your heart beat on
And for that, you love her more

In your arms you take her
In her kiss you are lost
Just wanting to be here, together
Being with her, no matter what the cost

You love her every touch
Every move that her body makes
You know that you love her so much
So much that your body quakes

You are glad, you were the one she found
And it always makes you smile
You look at her now, without a sound
Staying with her every little while

To her now, you know you belong
She is your every hope
She helps you to be strong
And with her, every problem you cope

So she is the one you will thank
Let her know of the love inside
In her love you have drank
And now, your love can not hide


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Special Lover

I want a special lover

To take me to Heaven tonight

To be like no other

To make my future be bright

To come and open my eyes

To be my sugar and spice

To give me passion and surprise

To give me all things nice

To have me begging for more

To never have enough of me

Make me love for sure

To live out my fantasy

I know my lover is there

She knows just how to tease

And our desires we share

She knows exactly how to please


copyright Chris Smith 2001


Come and follow me
And we will be free
To be slaves no more
No need to fight for
Rebel against men from Rome
And I will lead you home

We will have to fight
For what is our right
We will have to kill
Of death I'd had my fill
Follow me my fellow men
We are destinied to be free again

We strike back with our heart
Tearing our enemies apart
For freedom we will strike
Of us, Rome has never seen the like
I know that we will win
For I can sense our lives begin

I hang here over the Appian Way
Crucified for daring to be free this day
They may break my body but my soul lives on
I will still be remembered when my enemies are gone
I am still free and they will never ever understand
For soon I will be a free man at God's right hand


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Spark Of Insanity

He knows not what he does

Does not know his actions

He is in reality, just a man

Uncertain of the state of his mind

Of what we see as the truth

For how can he then be to blame

Sometimes we never see the way

Blinded by the light of reason

Stray off the path of possibility

And we stumble into the unknown

Lost and can not find the way back

Hidden in the dark recess of our mind

That is the beginning of the spark of insanity

Igniting the flames of empty madness

Leaving behind everything left to respect

Dragged down to the pit of crazed thoughts

Where nothing is left to make any more sense

Where reality becomes a wreck into time


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Soul Of The Tree

I can hear the song of the trees
It floats from high above my head
Whispering through the rippling leaves
Being also heard by the birds perched
As they begin to dance from branch to branch
And then the birds also join in the song

Listen to the story of the ancient Oak
You shelter in the branches to hear it told
Of a long time ago when fields grew wild
Of the changing centuries that have passed on by
How the Oak has lived through long forgotten battles
It is a story shrouded in a history of hidden lore

Changing colours as the very leaves start to paint
How many artists have these trees always inspired
The Mountain Ash and the Cedar so royal
The tears unseen from the Weeping Willow
The solitude of the lonesome Pine
Gothic secrets in a cemetry of the Yew

I planted a tree to remember those gone by
Knowing as it grows, so their legend lives again
How they changed my life by their own
So now I hope that their song will be sung
Even when I am gone and long forgotten
And like that very tree, I know they will live on

copyright Chris Smith December 12th 2009

Soul Of A Fighter

They called him the greatest

He was just one man

With the soul of a fighter

He would always stand tall

Even when they took his title away

That man would never give up

Fight to entertain and not for war

He knew he would win once again

Over the years he won and he lost

And even then his soul continued to fight

Not just to box but also for his right

He is a hero, a fighter, soul of a man


copyright Chris Smith 2009


Poetry comes from the soul

Reflects what is inside

It can only ever state

Can not defend what died

Words are what we will give

Who listens to what we say

We will always try to share

New meaning every day

This world is a big place

So many are in the mix

When it is already broken

No one is able to fix

So poets will all unite as one

With so many words to share

All of us will always glow

See our soul in there


copyright Chris Smith 2009


Sorrow fills these litter strewn streets

Blood clots hidden in a forgotten corner

From another victim of some past gone mugging

Who was attacked and found at the end of a knife

In a society that seems to no longer care anymore

Where even the attacker succumbs to the need to exist

Turning to crime just to find a way to support their endless life

Sorrow for the woman crying with nowhere she can turn

Her innocence has been stripped and has been made bare

She never asked but she had to succumb when forced

The word " no " she repeated just went unheard every time

She is too scared to report anything for she feels she would not be believed

She dressed to please herself but others found it an unwanted invitation

Now her stains fall and stain the bruises that will go unnoticed

Sorrow for a black man who tried to live his own way of life

But the colour of his skin marked him to prejudice eyes

They kicked him until he was on the brink of death

Then left he bleeding in the cold chill of a dark uncaring night

He went to church and always would give to a needed charity

But racist eyes marked him with thoughts of needless hatred

A shame that it happens on both sides and no one takes the blame

A sorrow fills this world as she screams in a pain that will never be heard

As we reap and we take but never return back to her want she needs

We burn and we poison the skies and the seas that once had beauty

We kill for blood sport and we hunt that which can not fight back

Nature adapts the best it ever can but we still drag it down

What hope is there for a new generation when nothing will be left

We race towards the brink of destruction and fall into our own extinction

copyright Chris Smith    2009


Somewhere, there is a heart beating, true

Could that heart then, belong to you

Beating just for me, to be able to adore

Beating just for me, to want you more

Somewhere, a beautiful woman is waiting

She is hoping, she is anticipating

Knowing that I am already out there

With my soul, my body, my heart, to share

Somewhere, two lovers are going to meet

Could the passion intensify in the heat

Beauty stays always, in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in your very arms when you hold her


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Sometimes I look up into the night sky,
And then I think and wonder why,
Why does life sometimes hurt so bad?
Even when we love, it can be also sad.

Sometimes I sink down on to my knees,
Pray to God, "Can you help me please"?
I wonder if he ever listens to me up there.
I wonder if there is anyone who will really care.

Sometimes everything just falls apart, it goes wrong.
I become so very weak, when I should be strong.
Cruel words seem to always be hurled at my head.
How can you try to forgive, the poison that is said?

Sometimes I feel there is no point in carrying on,
And the days seem to stretch forever long.
So here I am, once again, looking up at the night sky.
Trying so very hard, not to bring down and cry.

Sometimes I thank God I can always turn to you.
You make it so worthwhile, every thing that I do.
So when times are too hard, you stay for awhile.
And sometimes I know, you heal me when you smile.


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Something Changed

Something changed
Something new
It happened
Very strangely
Almost unnoticed
Almost unseen
But now
It's here
It's called
Sweetest Love


copyright Chris Smith 2010


Somehow you make the Sun shine

Somehow I know you are mine

Somehow I feel you love me

Somehow you watch above me

Somehow we will be in bliss

Somehow I still feel your kiss

Somehow you have the feelings to show

Somehow there is a way I know

Somehow you own my body and heart

Somehow we can never be apart

Somehow you will prove yourself

Somehow your passion will come itself


copyright Chris Smith 2009


See me shackled, a prisoner here
See me chained, by this fear
I made too many mistakes
Nothing real, too many fakes
I never saw where I was going
What fate was throwing

I followed the flow
And sold my soul
I couldn't tell
I was in Hell

A stranger made me a deal
It didn't seem to be real
It was too late to realise
It was the Devil in disguise
I signed my life all away
A victim for him to play

I followed the flow
And sold my soul
I couldn't tell
I was in Hell

Somewhere you hear me shout
Lost in shadows, I am screaming out
Nobody knows I have been
I am lost and I am unseen
Caught out by the oldest trick
Now only a toy for Old Nick

I followed the flow
And sold my soul
I couldn't tell
I was in Hell


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Snuggle Bunny

You are my darling snuggle bunny

You laugh because you think I'm funny

My love for you has me doting

One kiss from you and I'm floating

Your fingers are stroking my chest

And my hand stokes your breast

We hold each other close and tight

Make love as the clock strikes midnight

You are my heart that beats inside

You comfort all tears I have cried

You are my kiss and tender touch

That is why I love you so much


copyright Chris Smith 2004

Slow Kisses

Slow kisses tingle on your neck

Hands touch you with sweet carress

Touching the tenderness of your breasts

Teasing them with a careful hand

Kissing them in turn, teasing them with a tongue

Your breathing is fast with your desire

Slow kisses going down, moving further down

Kissing where holds the hidden pleasure

You tremble now with knowing expectation

As a lovers' tongue explores the sensation

Thrilling you until you can not take any more

Until the fountain comes to the lovers taste

Slow kisses as he gently places you down

And soon fills you with heated passion

You both move together in a dance of lust

Both lost in this moment of body heat

Until that moment heat fills you from within

And the release of satisfaction comes at last

copyright Chris Smith 2008

Sleepy Head

Come along sleepy head
It's now time for bed

You're yawning still
So up the wooden hill

You stayed up late
So dream land does await

Clean your teeth, comb your hair
Little one, your bed is there

So come along, sleepy head
Just now, in your bed


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Slaves Of War

I saw the blood on the ground.

Bodies were littered all around.

A friend lay there, with closed eyes.

The only living things were the flies.

I walked alone amongst the dead.

Walked on past friend and foe.

Scolding tears as I bow my head.

Wondering where I should go.

In war the soldiers are only a slave.

Like me, all of us are just the same.

I now stop here, at a marked grave.

And it is bearing only my name.

copyright Chris Smith July4th 2009

Silver Moon

When we make love together

It feels so very right

Our love can brave stormy weather

Please come. hold me tight

We might only have this moment

This very point in time

But our love, it is meant

Linked like words in a rhyme

You might be gone from me

And I am going to be strong

For our love will always be

Our hearts will always belong

We are only parted by the waves

My touch reachs out to you

This is how my heart behaves

With what I am going through

And I swear by the silver moon

We are going to be together again

And it will be coming soon

I will wait to hold you then


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Should I

Should I just be pleased

Where all decisions are eased

Just go with the flow

And take life slow

Should I never have to worry

Go nowhere in a hurry

Always have a smile on my face

And know my place

Should I take pride and joy

And be a good boy

Know what people think

Make decisions at a blink

Should I laugh at every joke

Never use my finger to poke

Always do a good job

And never be a slob

Should I love every day

Know what to say

Know when to talk

Not be like cheese and chalk

Should I be all of these things

Wait and see what life brings

Always check my temper

While away until December


copyright Chris Smith 2001

Shooting Star

Shooting star;

                             I made a wish on you, the other day;
                             Hoping I would not have to suffer anymore,
                             Unfortunately this nightmare pain, still remains.
                             Just like it did yesterday, and the day before that.

Shooting star;

                            I think you just keep on passing me by,
                            Ignoring every wish I carry on making.
                            Tell me, what is the point believing in you,
                            When you never listen to us humans down here.

Shooting star;

                             I don't even care about wishing anymore;
                             Who would want to waste a wish on a star.
                             I am just going to suffer here, in silence;
                             Racked in spasms of agony, from a wish untrue.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Shit Happens

You're told to get over it
Leave it all in the past
Let your life be in transit
These feelings will never last

They say things just like
There's always worse than you
Don't be miserable, take a hike
Why don't you think it through

Yeah, but the shit happens to me
This is something they don't have to face
Because this shit happens to be
Leaving me feeling a bit out of place

You look in the mirror and see stars
You never get to feel the strain
All I ever see are fucking scars
And I still feel the fucking pain

You live in your world, so perfect
And you are in that world, still
I go through life feeling like a reject
And I am guessing I always will

Because shit happens to me
So why should you bloody care
Because shit happens to be
When you wasn't the one who was there

Yes I'm feeling this anger inside
And sometimes it seems to fade
Do you feel these tears I have cried?
Always feeling like a freak those bastard's made

So I guess I just have to carry on
And do what they always seem to say
Keep your chin up and be strong
So why don't the nightmares go away?

I suppose, shit happens to me
And it never happens to you
When shit happens to be
Always fucking coming true


copyright Chris Smith 2010

She Loves You

I saw her crying in the window
It is none of my business to ask why
I guess it is the reason you are here
Drinking your sorrows at this bar, my friend

I've known you both for so many years now
Neither of you have ever had a cross word
You are the heart and soul of what is love
Drinking to hope it goes away never works

I'm guessing all that pressure at work you have
It is getting you and it is dragging you down
But as a man, you believe you have to carry that burden
To never share it with her to cause her to worry

Dry those tears that are starting to fall, my friend
You know she will forgive you, go and talk to her
You married through good and bad, share it now
She is the one keeping you strong, be strong for her

Remember that she loves you, she always will
You love her for she is your World, my friend
Remember that she loves you, her heart is yours
Go home to her, hold and kiss away the tears she cries


copyright Chris Smith 2010

She Is Screaming

They came and hurt her again
Left her feeling rejected
Confusion searing her soul

Did she deserve what they did?
Why did they treat her this way?
She only ever tried to do her best

She provided them with everything
They never had to do it themselves
She gave them everything they wanted

Soon they wanted to take a little bit more
They had their own way, even when she protested
Stripped her naked and spat at her beauty

Now she is angry and they felt her rage
She knows they can not control her
But still they persist in their silly ways

Well now, this time she has had enough
This time she will try to make them listen
To know that name of Mother Earth


copyright Chris Smith 2010

She Feeds Tonight

In darkness there is fury

To make blood run cold

Waiting there to strike

Waiting there for prey

Stalking within this night

Blood red eyes are watching

She is ready now to feed

A mistress of the shadows

Vampiress with dark passion

Temptation will be her way

But blood frenzy is her gain

No man will be able to resist

As she plays her wicked game

Time for her victim to die

Would you dance the red Tango

And let her take away your soul

Give in as she drains you dry

And leads you to eternal Hell

To raise from the cold grave

As one of the living dead

For in darkness there is fury


copyright Chris Smith 2009