Saturday, 4 December 2010

Super Hero

He flys to rescue the girl

From his most villainous foe

They will do battle for the thrill

The hero gives the victory blow

He flys her safely to the ground

He takes his foe off to jail

In his cell his foe makes no sound

He will once again escape, without fail

The hero changes into his secret identity

Who he really is, no one has guessed

He has enemies which are plenty

With his special powers he is blessed

But when two superheroes must meet

Misunderstandings can cause them to fight

So each other they have to beat

Before they both can see the light

Now he discovers his bitter foe did escape

And once again is doing his dastardly deed

So our hero now changes into his cape

To once again do battle, and succeed


copyright Chris Smith 2006

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