Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Prequel (Coming Of Lucan)

Centuries ago there live three witches within the woods of Salem, they were the Crone, the Matron and the Maiden and the native Indians always left them in peace and respected them.

But settlers came and the stories of witches brought much unrest but still they never bothered the witches.

The witches had a black kitten which they named Lucan and he became a close companion to them.

Then one fated day five trackers decided they would have fun and get rid of these witches so they sought them out and began by battering to death the Crone.

They hung the Matron from a tree and gutted her and then they took turns in raping the Maiden.Lucan came hissing at the trackers and one of them shot the kitten with a musket, he could sworn he had hit the feline but he must have missed because it ran into the bushes.

The maiden spoke as the trappers finished using her, leaving her there on the ground naked and bleeding.

"I curse you all, and I grant Lucan the power to come to protect witches for all time" she said but one trapper laughed at her and slit her throat.

Five years passed and the trappers all went their different ways but strange things happened for each of them met with the strangest of deaths.

One had his throat torn out by his own horse, another was found torn to pieces by what was believed to be wolves.

One burnt to death but no reason was found for the fire, another went mad and shot himself in the head.

But the one who had slit the throat of the maiden was found decaptitated, his head was never found.

The strangest thing was at each death a black cat was spotted but then it was never seen again.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Prequel to Vengeance

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