Friday, 3 December 2010

Strange Lands Indeed

Close your eyes and come take my hand
As we take a walk across smiling crocodiles
Passing dancing penguins that wish us good morning
So they tilt up their top hats as they greet us

Green and yellow and purple striped tigers
Come bouncing by, chasing pink polka dot butterflies
Kings and Queens jump of of jack in a boxes
Laughing at the horse that has got two heads

You open your eyes and you can see the mad man
Trying to change the world as he writes down his poetry
Giggling to himself in his strange mixed up way
As he looks in the crystal mirror he looks just like me

Look up and watch the bumble bee as he chases the lady bird
The elephant driving in his bright red mini cab
You see the world of floating giant oak doors
And you know it is a shame the read world is on the other side

So we cross over the bridge of a magical rainbow
To where the Satyr dances with the pixie princess
But soon you will forget me and this place we visit
You wake up and the colour has changed to black and white

copyright Chris Smith 26th November 2009

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