Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I can feel the hatred
Buried deep in my soul
It is burning inside of me
Twisting all of my feelings
Dragging me further down
Into the depths of my despair

I am surrounded by mistrust
Words stab me in the back
So called comrades being hollow
Making me feel the stress
We should just work together
But they just bring me down

My tears are hidden inside
Where they will never be seen
These tears are burning hot
Scolding me with their touch
Giving not a minutes' rest
Not letting me to be myself

There is no rest for these weary bones
Never any rest for the wicked
So I am lost forever in my sin
Trapped within my gothic soul
Punished like in a poem of Poe
Punished to face my own raven


copyright Chris Smith 2006

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