Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Question Of Love

Love is something that can not be explained

But when things go wrong, love is blamed

When your soul hurts deep down inside

Take it out on love so you can hide

You can love a religion with a passion

You can love the clothes that are in fashion

You can love a thing, no one else can see

You can love the place where you want to be

So this is the question of love that I ask

I wonder if love is a face wearing a mask

Because you never get to see the real beauty

As love continues to play in its' duty

Love is the granting of a wish

Love is giving in to sweet bliss

Love is something you want to hold

Love is just as precious as gold

So what is love, could you tell me?

It seems to be everywhere, seems to be plenty

But it can hurt you, it can make you feel

Showing the question of love is always real


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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