Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Rage Of Mother Nature

Mother Nature feels so broken

Her anger is now out spoken

She will split the Earths' crust

Bring everything down with ashes and dust

Her lightening will split the night

She will go down with a fight

Man is the virus she has found

Wipe it out without a sound

Towering buildings she will break

Swallow them all in an earth quake

A great flood she will weep

Melting ice caps she can not keep

The dark nights will be long

Electric light will now be gone

Man kind will be left out in the cold

Keeping warm with each other to hold

No one will be left to mend

The machines that come to an end

At last Mother Nature bows back her head

Knowing man kind will soon be dead

No fires to give off any heat

Man kind succumbs to their defeat

At last they are feeling the cost

Being wiped out by a cold frost


copyright Chris Smith 2009

1 comment:

  1. Very appropriate given the crrent spate of weather! ;)