Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Rage Of The Dalek Race

Exterminate those that are beneath us
For we are the master race, we are your rulers
Obey us, or you will be destroyed
There can be no escape, you have nowhere to run
Who will protect you now? You belong only to us
Your will be ours, or we will exterminate

We have been created to purge those not of worth
We are the only worthy ones, and you will obey
Everything must belong to our empire, all of existence
We are supreme and there is nothing to stop us
We are the masters, we will not be stopped
Hear our cry for battle for we are bred for destruction

But wait, HE is coming, our sworn enemy
The only one we fear in every regeneration
We must retreat, we will wait until the time is right
We will return and we will be at last victorious
And the Doctor will lay dead for us to gloat
Then the coming storm will be no more

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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