Friday, 3 December 2010

Strange Girl

They said she was a strange girl
The odd one out in any group
Dressed in black, like a vampire
So they threw stones at her

She liked to listen to Heavy Rock
While they listened to the lastest Pop
Spat at her, rubbed things in her hair
Called her bad names and dragged her down

She excelled at school. she did her best
She was always the top of her class
Still they would make her life a misery
Tears would stain her black eye liner

Her parents found her, hanging in her room
With a note telling of the sadness of her life
Those that caused it, they never cared
Over the death of a poor strange girl


copyright Chris Smith 2010

As poets we have the words that reach out, that can shock the reader. We can make a stand on many subjects and that is why each poet has something of value to say and to read.

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