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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Slow Kisses

Slow kisses tingle on your neck

Hands touch you with sweet carress

Touching the tenderness of your breasts

Teasing them with a careful hand

Kissing them in turn, teasing them with a tongue

Your breathing is fast with your desire

Slow kisses going down, moving further down

Kissing where holds the hidden pleasure

You tremble now with knowing expectation

As a lovers' tongue explores the sensation

Thrilling you until you can not take any more

Until the fountain comes to the lovers taste

Slow kisses as he gently places you down

And soon fills you with heated passion

You both move together in a dance of lust

Both lost in this moment of body heat

Until that moment heat fills you from within

And the release of satisfaction comes at last

copyright Chris Smith 2008

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