Friday, 3 December 2010

Special Times

There are those special times
When you listen to a lovers heart
When the poetry always rhymes
And the words are easy to start

When those decisions in your head
Turn out to be the right thing
And all the things you have said
Show the love that you bring

So you look deep into her eyes
You can see her love and desire
And everything that she tries
Does not hide a passion of fire

You know that she is the one
You have spent your life searching for
She always makes your heart beat on
And for that, you love her more

In your arms you take her
In her kiss you are lost
Just wanting to be here, together
Being with her, no matter what the cost

You love her every touch
Every move that her body makes
You know that you love her so much
So much that your body quakes

You are glad, you were the one she found
And it always makes you smile
You look at her now, without a sound
Staying with her every little while

To her now, you know you belong
She is your every hope
She helps you to be strong
And with her, every problem you cope

So she is the one you will thank
Let her know of the love inside
In her love you have drank
And now, your love can not hide


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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