Thursday, 2 December 2010

She Loves You

I saw her crying in the window
It is none of my business to ask why
I guess it is the reason you are here
Drinking your sorrows at this bar, my friend

I've known you both for so many years now
Neither of you have ever had a cross word
You are the heart and soul of what is love
Drinking to hope it goes away never works

I'm guessing all that pressure at work you have
It is getting you and it is dragging you down
But as a man, you believe you have to carry that burden
To never share it with her to cause her to worry

Dry those tears that are starting to fall, my friend
You know she will forgive you, go and talk to her
You married through good and bad, share it now
She is the one keeping you strong, be strong for her

Remember that she loves you, she always will
You love her for she is your World, my friend
Remember that she loves you, her heart is yours
Go home to her, hold and kiss away the tears she cries


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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