Saturday, 4 December 2010


Some say you must be brave
And to face each new day
As a day further from the grave
A day where Death kept away

Try telling that to a cancer victim
Where each new day is a luxery
Each day is special to them
Each day they hope they will see

Or tell it to a victim of rape
Where the hurt is so deep inside
From nightmares they can never escape
Feeling they have lost their pride

Tell it to the soldier standing there
Living with the terror and blood shed
See the horror in his eyes that stare
Knowing that any time he could be dead

Tell it to the mother who lost her baby
Knowing new life was taken away
To her there will be no maybe
To her she weeps every day

So think of what is all around
What to this world we have done
Death, he comes without any sound
Cry with me new tears always begun


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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