Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Private Hell

Will you end this suffering I feel?

This damnation of a life I steal

Left to face a fate that I will seal

Before the Devil I make the deal

This is now my own private hell

With this pain, I fit in so well

I can not show the words I have to tell

A long way down from grace I fell

The ugliness in my soul rings true

Being left out with nothing I can do

Dragged into despair, all the way through

Blackened clouds cover my sky once blue

My fault for believing in a prince that always lies

No one feels my pity or hears my cries

I have just too many lows and not enough highs

No escape from all the time my soul always dies

In the light I knew I could never be able to stay

All I could ever do was watch it all fade away

On my grave the demons will now come to play

I never will face another hope filled day


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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