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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Shooting Star

Shooting star;

                             I made a wish on you, the other day;
                             Hoping I would not have to suffer anymore,
                             Unfortunately this nightmare pain, still remains.
                             Just like it did yesterday, and the day before that.

Shooting star;

                            I think you just keep on passing me by,
                            Ignoring every wish I carry on making.
                            Tell me, what is the point believing in you,
                            When you never listen to us humans down here.

Shooting star;

                             I don't even care about wishing anymore;
                             Who would want to waste a wish on a star.
                             I am just going to suffer here, in silence;
                             Racked in spasms of agony, from a wish untrue.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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