Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Hey Ritchie, are you up there?

Are you listening from your cloud?

You were there always for me

I only wish I had been there for you

I valued that friendship you shared

You were there defending me

Even those computer games we played

I felt you used to let me win at times

We were grown men, refusing to grow up

We shared those times, good and bad

But then things happened, we drifted apart

You visited me, I saw you once or twice

Then the news came that you had died

I felt a part of me die with me that day

It hurt so much, that I wouldn't see you again

After all these years, I still miss you my friend

For Ritchie Kocus, my best friend in Penarth, South Wales R.I.P (Died 1998)

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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