Thursday, 2 December 2010

Shit Happens

You're told to get over it
Leave it all in the past
Let your life be in transit
These feelings will never last

They say things just like
There's always worse than you
Don't be miserable, take a hike
Why don't you think it through

Yeah, but the shit happens to me
This is something they don't have to face
Because this shit happens to be
Leaving me feeling a bit out of place

You look in the mirror and see stars
You never get to feel the strain
All I ever see are fucking scars
And I still feel the fucking pain

You live in your world, so perfect
And you are in that world, still
I go through life feeling like a reject
And I am guessing I always will

Because shit happens to me
So why should you bloody care
Because shit happens to be
When you wasn't the one who was there

Yes I'm feeling this anger inside
And sometimes it seems to fade
Do you feel these tears I have cried?
Always feeling like a freak those bastard's made

So I guess I just have to carry on
And do what they always seem to say
Keep your chin up and be strong
So why don't the nightmares go away?

I suppose, shit happens to me
And it never happens to you
When shit happens to be
Always fucking coming true


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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