Friday, 31 December 2010

Everything I Touch

You think you know this darkness?
To look deep into the blackness?
I've seen it far too many times
And always paid for my crimes
I know I let you down once again
Holding your patience, counting to ten
But I am a complicated beast of a man
Hurting you was never part of the plan
I only wish that you could only see
That even I don't even know me
You are the one who stays strong
Whilst everything I touch goes wrong

I wish I could change what has past
Stop living my life in this bomb blast
You are far more better than me
A man who is left feeling too empty
I pray you know how much I love you
But how much more can you forgive what I do?
I keep upsetting you, with too much hurting
I don't blame you if you're now deserting
I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to go
That would be my curse, that I know
You are the one who stays strong
Whilst everything I touch goes wrong

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Dollars Turned To Dimes

When nothing is going right
This world is getting you down
You have forgotten the good times
So things seem to be too tight
You feel you are thrown out of town
Just like having dollars turned to dimes

The mirror reflection is cracked
Broken thoughts in the mind
The few seems to be the many
That spirit now is so lacked
No hope left for you to find
Just like having pounds turned to pennies

But there is something out in somewhere
Because tears can be turned into smiles
You can turn nothing into anything
Give some comfort needing to share
Take one step against the miles
Hold on to that belief in something

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My Racing Heart

She is like the sunshine
A warm touch to my skin
She is so very valuable
She means everything

I wish I could be stronger
Able to listen to my head
Sometimes I never hear
Those things my heart said

She has waited for so long
And still my feet are frozen
Unable to make that move
I am the one she has chosen

My racing heart is beating
Beating for her so much
My racing heart is beating
Needing to feel her touch

She is the purest Angel
She is made all of gold
I would dare anything
Just for her to hold

Why am I too stubborn?
When I should be there
Embracing in her sweet kiss
Embracing in this love to share

I know I have to tell her
To say how much I love her
I know I have to be braver
Because we should be together

My racing heart is beating
Beating for her so much
My racing heart is beating
Needing to feel her touch

copyright Chris Smith December 29th 2010

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Time To Go

Ancient eyes view faded photograghs
Remember days condemned to the past
Of happier times of so very long ago
When youth allow these wery bones
To run with the love of a beating heart

He misses her, every second of every day
Ten years to the time she had to leave him
Taken by God, and he has been alone since
But he wonders why God is taking so long
So he can once again be with the one he loves

He always hears her voice, hears her laughter
She even comes to visit him in his dreams
No matter how dry his aged skin may feel
There are always tears in her memory
He is getting tired, so very tired

Then she is there holding his weathered hand
Looking as beautiful as when they first met
Pulling to his feet and he feels so young again
Dancing into the light, two lovers reunited
Leaving behind the life he has no more

copyright Chris Smith December 26th 2010