Sunday, 26 December 2010

Time To Go

Ancient eyes view faded photograghs
Remember days condemned to the past
Of happier times of so very long ago
When youth allow these wery bones
To run with the love of a beating heart

He misses her, every second of every day
Ten years to the time she had to leave him
Taken by God, and he has been alone since
But he wonders why God is taking so long
So he can once again be with the one he loves

He always hears her voice, hears her laughter
She even comes to visit him in his dreams
No matter how dry his aged skin may feel
There are always tears in her memory
He is getting tired, so very tired

Then she is there holding his weathered hand
Looking as beautiful as when they first met
Pulling to his feet and he feels so young again
Dancing into the light, two lovers reunited
Leaving behind the life he has no more

copyright Chris Smith December 26th 2010

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