Friday, 17 December 2010


Almighty God stands his station
Marking hope for this great nation
Eagles are soaring up high
Reaching out into the tallest sky
In dreams of cities all around
Climbing high from majestic ground
America preserves the fabulous dream

copyright Chris Smith 17th December 2010


Each man and woman stand tall
Never allowing themselves to fall
Great things with each new aspect
Leaving more to follow in respect
All in glory as it was once before
New beginnings coming to the shore
Deep down there always is an England

copyright Chris Smith 17th December 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Depths Of Indecision

Falling into depths of indecision
Where once there was redemption

Feeling this moment come to freeze
As I am falling, falling to my knees

Life continues to mock, laugh at me
Taking away hope, left feeling empty

The past comes creeping, crawling
Causing dark words that are scrawling

So age comes running, giving his test
This aching body, I fear I detest

Relapsing into an unknown thought
Stripping me of all I was taught

Doubt comes with nothing to save
Taking me one step closer to the grave

Where once there was redemption
I keep falling into depths of indecision

copyright Chris Smith 16th December 2010

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Come to Zagreb, the capital city
Reaching out with its great history
Open Å¡ljivovica, a good tasting wine
And other delicious ones just as fine
Take a journey to Rijeka port today
In Croatia, you will want to stay
Always welcoming you to visit

copyright Chris Smith 2010

South Korea

Seoul is a beautiful city
Often alive in ancient simplicity
Ulsan, Gangwon and other places
Take you to a land, nature traces
Hyeonchung-il, remembering that day

Kindred souls passed on their way
Over the sea is this special land
Reaching out to take you by the hand
Even though this ocean is far apart
All this land will greet you with its' heart


copyright Chris Smith 13th December 2010

Breathe The Rain

If you breathe the rain
You can smell my tears
When you live the pain
Then you feel my fears

Please close the door
Keeping the World out
Push my mouth to the floor
So I can no longer shout

The window is smashed
Someone had to throw a stone
My spirit has been dashed
It has left me all alone

I know I make no sense
My mind is in a different place
All of this bitter pretence
Has disappeared without a trace

All work with no chance to play
Leaves you going a little bit insane
Clouds are here because the Sun went away
So all you can do now is breathe the rain


copyright Chris Smith 2010 (somewhere in a room in my mind)

One Day (Ode To George)

Please God, give me one more day.
Before you have to take me away.
So I can do things one last time.
While I am still in my prime.

One day to hold my child.
One day to just run wild.
One day to feel the rain on my face.
One day to be in my lovers' embrace.

One day to sing a favourite song.
One day so I can still be strong.
One day to be with a friend.
One day for my garden to tend.

One day to play one more game.
One day to still same my name.
One day to reflect back on my life.
One day to hold my beautiful wife.

One day so I can strum my guitar.
One day where my dreams go far.
One day and everything stays true.
One day to be able to thank you.

So please God, just give me one more day.
Before you have to take me away.
So I can at last let it be.
And for someone to forever remember me.


This was written on 1st December 2001, on reaction to the death of George Harrison on November 29th 2001. This is my tribute to him.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Your Wicked Game

You never tell me your name

I play your wicked game

You tempt me and you tease me

You take me and you please me

With your red lips and alluring smile

You know how to get me for awhile

You got me, we can do anything

I am going to be your play thing

It is hypnotic the way you move

The erotic way that is your groove

I know it's wrong, the things we do

I know that I have to have you

Your passion is so damned strong

I will desire you all night long

I will do things I never knew I could

Any style I want, I know you would

Well girl, this lust is never spent

On you, my passion will be pent

On the bed, the wall, table or the floor

You know I am coming back for more

copyright Chris Smith 2005

You Stole My Heart

You stole my heart away from me
You gave yours back in return
You went to where we were meant to be
Showed me love I had come to learn

You keep my heart and keep it secure
Take me to places I have never been
When we make love, together we are pure
You show me things that I have never seen

You stole my heart and you made it good
You helped find the words that I write
You look after my heart the way you should
You seduce me in the glow of candle light

You keep my heart, so close, next to you
I touch your breast and feel your heart beat
So many times I wanted this moment to be true
Together we are lovers and we are complete


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Yesterdays Tears

I no longer face the day

Embracing a night that nears

Tomorrow seems so far away

Still living yesterdays tears

I can no longer forgive to forget

Giving a voice that nobody hears

There is no comfort as the Sun sets

Still living yesterdays tears

I am no longer able to escape the past

The mist in my mind never clears

Nothing good ever seems to last

Still living yesterdays tears

I can no longer see any point

I am lost in these hidden fears

Secret pain like a broken joint

Still living yesterdays tears


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Write It All Down

I am trying to stay strong
Trying to make time go quick
Things keep on going wrong
This life is making me sick

It's all work and never any play
They say money isn't everything
But there are so many bills to pay
You are left without anything

The pain keeps increasing now
I'm afraid it has got me beat
I try blocking it out somehow
Wish I could rest these aching feet

I wish I could shout and say "Fuck it all"
But I am afraid, that isn't really me
I feel down, I'm ready to fall
This depression is making me empty

Poetry, and my lady keep me going
Without them I would be locked away
In my head the winds are blowing
It is hard making it through the day

I am not alone, I know there are others
More feeling like me, out there
Fellow sufferers, my sisters and brothers
Together in this despair that we share

So when in your troubles you seem to drown
Take up the pen, take it to the paper, my friend
Release the tension, write it all down
It will help, it feel better in the end

I will be in her arms, I will be with her soon
She lifts up my spirits, she is my reason why
She is my warming Sun to my cold Moon
She is the reason I have to try


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Monday, 13 December 2010

Wrapped In The Wings Of An Angel

She comes to me with love

Keeps me safe in her arms

She shines for me so brightly

In my darkness she is my beautiful star

When I am with her she holds me

I am wrapped in the wings of an Angel

I never want to lose her now

I have found her and I am here to stay

To kiss her lips takes me to Heaven

To feel her touch is like magic

And when I feel her arms around me

I will be wrapped in the wings of an Angel

You came to me when I needed you most

Gave me love when I thought my heart was lost

You showed me a purpose in life again

You gave me hope to start to love

And when you are close to me

Then I am wrapped in the wings of an Angel


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Would You

Would you tell me how you feel

Would you touch me and feel real

Would you move your hand below

Would you move it nice and slow

Would you go down and lick

Would you let your tongue flick

Would you swallow it whole

Would you taste it flow

Would you want to be on top

Would you move and never stop

Would you feel me deep inside

Would you let me come and slide

Would you want us to overload

Would you allow me to explode

Would you let me stay in there

Would you, would you dare


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Worth The Wait

He crossed the river to her

With love to deliver to her

He had been away too long

But in his heart love was strong

She had been waiting for ever

Would have waited in stormy weather

For he was deep in her heart

Even when so long apart

He has a surprise to bring

Worked hard to buy a wedding ring

The reason he went away

To make this her special day

Over head the eagles soar

The lovers are together once more

Being with him she can anticipate

Because she knows it was worth the wait


copyright Chris Smith 2005

Words To Tell

Sometimes I have to ask a question

To here the answer I need to hear

To know someone feels the same

And not to leave me standing here

I am still waiting, wanting your reply

Or am I just destinied to feel alone

Wanting someone special, someone close

Wanting no longer to be on my own

So I took a bottle, threw my message in the sea

Watched the waves take the bottle far away

So time passed, and I stayed and I waited

An endless number of bottles came back today

So many souls feel the cold isolation as I do

They need the warmth and love to feel as well

If I knew you loved me, If I knew you really cared

Please let me know, love me with words to tell


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Words Across The World

Words across the World

Shared together in unity

I give to my fellow man

For us to live in harmony

Be you black or white

Listen to what my words say

We are all equal as one

Each and every day

Join every man and woman

Every child out there too

Spread this message out

Let it begin with me and you

To live in love and respect

We are all sister and brother

Peace shall be our salvation

We will all join with each other


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Woe Is Me

Woe is me
What have I seen
The damned dog peed
All over my DVD machine

Woe is me
And twice woe
I lost my balance
And I stubbed my toe

Woe is me
It just isn't fair
I looked in the mirror
And saw I'm losing my hair

Woe is me
I hate my life
I came home and found
The milkman run off with my wife

Woe is me
I chased a mouse
Knocked over the electric fire
The curtains caught light and burnt down the house

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Within This Mask

We hide behind our masks

Thinking all is alright outside

No one ever really asks

Of how you really feel inside

Depression plays another trick

I can feel the misery start to swell

Twists in my stomach make me sick

But I try to hide it and to never tell

My sanity will just wear another face

So I can try and come and fit in

Inside I am feeling out of place

I feel dark thoughts when I'm sitting

Those terrible memories never go away

I only find another emotional mask to wear

A different face to put on every single day

Because this fucking depression stays there

copyright Chris Smith 2005

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Witch Craft

In the Witching hour she is coming

I burn for her like I have a fever

This desire is for her to take

her spell on my heart has been cast

Let her show me the wicked way of life

Show me how to be a Demon in the night

Her eyes are always looking in my head

She will take me to that forbidden delight

And soon that hour is going to strike

That is when the magic will come alive

To take my soul and give me secret destiny

I will sweat when she touches me tonight

She is here and I see that fire within her dark eyes

They are alight and ablaze with what is on her mind

She takes me away from the cruel reality of this World

When the day light is here, she will then be gone

Back in that hidden darkness of a Witching art

I will be waiting for Witch Craft to come this night


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Wild Rose

My love, you are my wild rose
For I will never try to tame you
A wild passion like the wind blows
I love all the things you do

My wild rose, you are always free
I am lost within your tempting smile
Showing all your naked ambition to me
A willingness that always has style

Like a wild rose, you can never be tamed
You have a love that will always grow strong
And everything you do, you can never be blamed
Take me with you for we can do no wrong

copyright Chris Smith 2009


Tempt me with black cherry lips

I see that twinkle in your eye

Tease me when you sway your hips

Touch me as you walk me by

You are wicked, I love your way

You are wicked, you can lead me astray

You are wicked, I want you to stay

You are wicked, I need you to play

You dress to tempt my soul

Your bed is soft with lace

Take me where I want to go

Lead me into that dark place

You are wicked, to me you are divine

You are wicked, take me over the line

You are wicked, everything will be fine

You are wicked, and you are mine


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Why Can't I Have A Cake?

Why is the sky blue?
Why are you so tall?
Why do birds fly?
Why can't I have a cake?

Why are kittens cute?
Why do you go to work?
Why have I got to go to bed?
Why can't I have a cake?

Why won't you let me watch cartoons?
Why do I have to have a bath?
Why is Superman not real?
Why can't I have a cake?

Why have I got to be quiet?
Why shouldn't I ask why?
Why am I annoying you?
Thank you Daddy for my cake.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Whom Am I

Whom am I ever to judge a man

By the deeds in life that he has done

To pass judgement on what has began

To cast any sins on the father or the son

Whom am I to open my mouth and ever say

What in this world is wrong or is right

To cause scorn and have the right to make pay

Because what I believe is dark may well show light

Whom am I to ever say how anyone should live their life

Be it living with the same gender or whoever is their mate

I have no right to tell a man who he should have as a wife

Or turn my back on a good friend until it is too late

Whom am I to judge a book by what is on the cover

For I am in no sure way what you call a perfect man

I am not a fighter, I am only a poet and a lover

I am not a hero or villian but stand up only as human


copyright Chris Smith 2006