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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Witch Craft

In the Witching hour she is coming

I burn for her like I have a fever

This desire is for her to take

her spell on my heart has been cast

Let her show me the wicked way of life

Show me how to be a Demon in the night

Her eyes are always looking in my head

She will take me to that forbidden delight

And soon that hour is going to strike

That is when the magic will come alive

To take my soul and give me secret destiny

I will sweat when she touches me tonight

She is here and I see that fire within her dark eyes

They are alight and ablaze with what is on her mind

She takes me away from the cruel reality of this World

When the day light is here, she will then be gone

Back in that hidden darkness of a Witching art

I will be waiting for Witch Craft to come this night


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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