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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Your Wicked Game

You never tell me your name

I play your wicked game

You tempt me and you tease me

You take me and you please me

With your red lips and alluring smile

You know how to get me for awhile

You got me, we can do anything

I am going to be your play thing

It is hypnotic the way you move

The erotic way that is your groove

I know it's wrong, the things we do

I know that I have to have you

Your passion is so damned strong

I will desire you all night long

I will do things I never knew I could

Any style I want, I know you would

Well girl, this lust is never spent

On you, my passion will be pent

On the bed, the wall, table or the floor

You know I am coming back for more

copyright Chris Smith 2005

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