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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Whom Am I

Whom am I ever to judge a man

By the deeds in life that he has done

To pass judgement on what has began

To cast any sins on the father or the son

Whom am I to open my mouth and ever say

What in this world is wrong or is right

To cause scorn and have the right to make pay

Because what I believe is dark may well show light

Whom am I to ever say how anyone should live their life

Be it living with the same gender or whoever is their mate

I have no right to tell a man who he should have as a wife

Or turn my back on a good friend until it is too late

Whom am I to judge a book by what is on the cover

For I am in no sure way what you call a perfect man

I am not a fighter, I am only a poet and a lover

I am not a hero or villian but stand up only as human


copyright Chris Smith 2006

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