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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Breathe The Rain

If you breathe the rain
You can smell my tears
When you live the pain
Then you feel my fears

Please close the door
Keeping the World out
Push my mouth to the floor
So I can no longer shout

The window is smashed
Someone had to throw a stone
My spirit has been dashed
It has left me all alone

I know I make no sense
My mind is in a different place
All of this bitter pretence
Has disappeared without a trace

All work with no chance to play
Leaves you going a little bit insane
Clouds are here because the Sun went away
So all you can do now is breathe the rain


copyright Chris Smith 2010 (somewhere in a room in my mind)


  1. sizzling title,
    perfect rhymes.
    well done.


    Happy Wednesday!
    Welcome link in a poem to our potluck today.
    Your talent rocks…
    Keep sharing, stay blessed…

    signed in to follow your blog, welcome following us back.