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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Write It All Down

I am trying to stay strong
Trying to make time go quick
Things keep on going wrong
This life is making me sick

It's all work and never any play
They say money isn't everything
But there are so many bills to pay
You are left without anything

The pain keeps increasing now
I'm afraid it has got me beat
I try blocking it out somehow
Wish I could rest these aching feet

I wish I could shout and say "Fuck it all"
But I am afraid, that isn't really me
I feel down, I'm ready to fall
This depression is making me empty

Poetry, and my lady keep me going
Without them I would be locked away
In my head the winds are blowing
It is hard making it through the day

I am not alone, I know there are others
More feeling like me, out there
Fellow sufferers, my sisters and brothers
Together in this despair that we share

So when in your troubles you seem to drown
Take up the pen, take it to the paper, my friend
Release the tension, write it all down
It will help, it feel better in the end

I will be in her arms, I will be with her soon
She lifts up my spirits, she is my reason why
She is my warming Sun to my cold Moon
She is the reason I have to try


copyright Chris Smith 2010

1 comment:

  1. How very true...writing about the pain helps release it. Stuck on the page it no longer burdens the heart. I love the imagery and emotion in your writing. Whether serious or sweet, it touches my heart.