Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bad Days

I thought I knew my mind
But I found darkness in there
Sometimes I  can be blind
To the living of a nightmare

When I'm up, I'm dragged down
Lost within the world of the sane
Watching my smile becoming a frown
Feeling left alone, here, to remain

So here I am, once again, writing
Clouds come like a fog in my head
Right or wrong, I can't keep fighting
Holding on to the last crumbs of bread

I'm tired, wondering what I'm doing here
Still working hard, but I can't forget
Troubled times that never seem to clear
Still gambling on life and losing that bet

I'm no longer strong, my energy fades
Velvet skies are always eluding me
The Sun beats down, I'm hidden in shades
Falling mountains that are including me

When it is over, I wait for it to restart
Life has a bitter toll where everybody pays
I try to rebuild, only for me to fall apart
This always happens on one of my bad days


copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thy Blackened Soul

Thy blackened soul, it reaches out
Trying to break free this hellish night
Demons screaming with a banshee shout
Attempting to drag you from the light

I know who you are, hidden in mortal form
The rage of your darkness, forever screaming
Your eyes betraying your devilish storm
Taking away those that need hope in dreaming

So here you are, for you are coming for me
I was a fool to believe I could make this deal
Now the lowest part of Hell awaits for my misery
You have no heart, it is impossible for you to feel

Thy blackened soul,comes to seal my fate
And those hellish hounds come baying
To beat the Devil, before it becomes too late
Because in those lower regions, forever staying


copyright Chris Smith 2011