Saturday, 30 October 2010

Allow Our Love To Grow Strong

If you really do love me

Show it for me to see

Just be able to tell me

Come set your heart free

Even though we are together

And things begin to go wrong

I want to be with you forever

Allow our love to grow strong

But if you ever want me to go

When things are turning black

You only have to let me know

I promise I will not look back

So I hope we never have that rift

That will turn us away

To endlessly in sorrow drift

Because I love you more each day

copyright Chris Smith 2006

All At Peace

A singer and a man of peace

Lived in peace with Yoko, his wife

John Lennon still lives on in music

Even when a bullet took his life

George Harrison, a man of love

Like John he believed in hope

For a world of peace and of joy

Now he is gone, will the world cope?

Martin Luther King believed in man

He believed in all of the people

Be they black or be they white

To him everyone was always equal

She was a mother to all of us

But now our Teressa is gone

But we will never forget her

Our faith will always be strong

An actor who could never hurt anyone

With action he was always free

An idol still seen in his films

Who can forget a hero called Bruce Lee

And the list carries on

They  now all sit in the hand of God

Leaving behind memories we will never forget

Now all at peace with their Lord

copyright Chris Smith 2007

Friday, 29 October 2010


Like barbed wire dragged across my skin

Like feeling my flesh being peeled back

The agony screeches deep into my heart

The agony of if I was ever to lose you

My feelings would be putrid and rotten

They would decay and become a corpse

And have maggots feasting within my nerves

This would be my agony if I was to lose you

Death would come feasting on my very soul

My mind would come bleeding from my head

And my body would be shattered in gothic dance

I would face this agony if I was to lose you

copyright Chris Smith 2008

A Love Not Allowed

He had fallen in love when he had first seen her, her dark black hair and green eyes had been what had attracted him.

Yes he knew the danger but he had smuggled her out, taken her to his home and he had not told a soul what he had done.

She was nineteen and he was fourtythree, he did not see the age difference and only saw her beauty, if anyone found out he was hiding her then he knew they would be both killed.

She had lived with him for eight days, in that time he had never tried to seduce her or make any advance towards her, he clothed her and provided food and any comfort that she required.

On the eigth night she came to his room, she was naked when she slipped into his bed and they made love all the way until the dawn, it would be their last night together.

They came the next morning, he knew he had to shoot her, the Luger given to him by his father two years ago was the weapon he had to use.

She wept silent tears for she knew what must be done, he put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

He put the gun to his own head as he heard them break down the door, he knew they would have both been punished to death and this was the only way.

They were too late to stop him and he pulled the trigger with the gun at his head and his body fell to lay with the dead body of the woman he had loved.

It was not supposed to had happened, a German guard falling in love with a Jewish girl condemned to have been gassed to death at the camp.

copyright Chris Smith Prose/Story

Thursday, 28 October 2010

After Dark

In the light, it is a safe place
Somewhere you stay together
Living without any thought of fear
Going day to day about your tasks
Nothing is there to cause distress

After dark, is when they will come
They will take you from your bed
Rip your flesh and feed on your bones
Their hunger will drive them for more
Devouring all they find, until the dawn

In the light, the scared will gather together
Seeking out safety from sacred places
Planning to retaliate when they come next
To be ready to fight back, to stay alive
Hoping against hope to repel the horror

After dark, they are back in greater number
Their hoardes have swelled with the converted
For their infection has spread, and spreads still
As the hunger builds, the blood lust takes control
And no weapon will be of use, there is nowhere to hide

In the light, there are only a few left who suffer
Afraid of the dark, and that which dwells within
Feeling they are to be used only as cattle
For those only bitten have to be destroyed
The terror is beginning for the night belongs to them

After dark, they come like a gathering storm
Man and beast will become to be their prey
There is nothing that can stop them, as they feed
No sanctuary will stop them from sniffing you out
For now is the time of doomsday, for this is the end

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Abandon Hope

Come on in, no need to be afraid

Time for you to join in my show

It's not like any show, any man made

In the end, you can guess where you'll go

Tell us all your sins, share them with me

What naughty guilty secrets are your crime

A trip down to Hell, your reward will be

I'm going to have a devil of a time

No one is innocent, with me as your host

Dirty tricks, oh yes, I can do it so well

I will take sinners with me, oh I have to boast

All of you, are coming with me, back to Hell

But wait, we seem to have a special guest

Doesn't matter, I've rigged every single game

I will never loose, well, I'm simply the best

Come play "Abandon Hope", Satan is the name

Oh no, it's him, it's just not fair

Why can't he just leave me alone

Here he comes now, with his staff and long hair

He never lets me win, it chills me to the bone

I only want one day, is that too much to ask?

Just let me win, let me have that desire

Oh well, to send me back will be his task

Time for me to return to the pits of fire

copyright Chris Smith 2008

A Walk In The Park

The boy was walking with his father
Enjoying a walk through the park
He held his father's hand for safety
For his father was there to protect him
But the boy had some quesitions to say
So he looked up toward his father and said

"I believe in the heroes in comic books"
"That they save the day from villains"
"I believe God smiles down on us"
"And he keeps this world from any harm"
"I believe there are no real monsters to find"
"Because you are my father and I love you"

The father smiled down to his son
He rubbed the boy's head and the father thought
What could he say to his child the way things were
In this world where nothing was ever black and white
The father held back the tears and kept the truth away
He said "I love you too, my son", and would never say

"You believe in heroes that are from only a fantasy"
"Because real heroes are dying for us every single day"
"God may see us but we need to be able to see Him"
"Because all we ever see is the work of Hell on Earth"
"There are monsters all around us, we created them"
"That is the curse of mankind, I will love and protect you"

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Trip To Mars

I am going to take a trip to Mars
And I am going to face my battle scars
I am going to dance a Tango on the sea
Then invite a seagull for a cup of tea

I will share a joke with the Kings
And listen as the flower sings
Tickle a tiger to make him smile
Help a tortoise to walk a mile

Watch me jump off a tower and fly
Use a paint brush to colour the sky
Toast my bread upon the sun
Give a pink elephant a chocolate bun

Buy a ticket to the everlasting circus
Learn to conduct the dawn chorus
Wave hello to the hidden sailor
Buy a coat from the multi-coloured tailor

Then I will come knocking upon your door
Kiss you once then kiss you once more
I will swim forever within your eyes
Give you love, that will be no surprise

copyright Chris Smith 2010

A Thousand Words

A thousand words are not enough

To describe this beauty you own

I can only watch you in silence

And forever worship you in awe

A thousand kisses are not enough

To be able to give to your lips

And taste the nectar which is your soul

A taste that surely would be paradise

A thousand times is not enough

To explain this love deep inside

To express what you mean to me

How you are the reason my heart beats

copyright Chris Smith 2005

A Sign

He asks his Lord to forgive
A preacher with a life to live
Somewhere his faith is lost
His religion has been tossed

How long can he preach in a world so wrong
A long time ago his belief was still strong
But as time passed he would then find
The true evil that lies behind man kind

Wonders this horror he sees, would any God allow
With so much death and destruction happening now
All that he wants is a sign that his God is out there
Show him what he believes in is still fair

So an Angel came to see him one rainy night
Told him that sometimes when nothing is right
The Lord is watching for the perfect day
Where He will then strip all the darkness away

Even though this may not happen for a long time
On this day, down from Heaven God shall climb
He will come and protect those who are just like you
And he will help this world begin again, anew

And the preacher had words he needed to be said
Would it be better if this was done now, instead
For surely, up in Heaven, our God really must know
That on every passing day Evil continues to grow

Nothing will stop me from still worshipping my God
I will still tell people to always follow our Lord
But Heaven can never see all the troubles down here
So many that go hungry and so many living in fear

But knowing he is there is what really guides me
Knowing that when I die my soul will float forever free
But if Heaven is up there, down here must be Hell
For if God is waiting for us then the Devil must be as well

copyright Chris Smith 2005

A Reason To Live

This is a poem written by Chris Smith and Eileen McGreevy

I see you on a cloud of purity,
As we become two lovers in a sky of blue.
I see these hearts always beating together.
They beat in rhythym in eternal bliss.
They are our gift, for each other.

If light was what i had before,
then my love, this light is blinding.
A life of union we will embrace,
and our love forever binding.

You have saved my soul from hell.
Each day is a golden release of life.
To live and know you are always there.
Your smile, your laugh fills me with joy.
Once again I can embrace the hope.

That sweet redemption given,
dragging back from horrid depths,
you take me straight to heaven,
you know how hard i've wept

You found me when all was lost.
Showed me my missing piece.
You rescued me when all was gone.
Took me into the arms of safety.
You gave me me a reason to live.

copyright Chris Smith/Eileen McGreevy 2009

A Poet

I think back to those gone before
Who laid the foundations for us
Of the different styles written
How they were masters of their art
And the frustration they suffered

For a poet writes as a solitary soul
Sharing their self with the reading world
They undress their minds naked before you
Baring every emotion that comes screaming out

Their pen writes and bleeds the poet inside
Sometimes he ink flows like tears of distress
Each word, each poem comes from deep inside
From the happiest times down to the darkest moods
Wanting to be released and they can never be free

Each poem we write, we write it just for you
Stories untold, hearts broken, loves found and more
This is our gift that we want to share with you all
It is the art we love and we can never stop if we try
Every poem you read is a crafted piece of purest art

There are new poets being born with every passing day
New poems touching new hearts at every moment
From The Raven and She Walks In Beauty of classics
There are new ones to be born such as Natures Visionist

And poetry may sometimes fade but will never die
It will raise up and be reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Poem For Desire

I see you and I swallow slow

You give me passion in my soul

My heart is now beating fast

I want this moment to last

I want you to take me higher

To surrender to our wild desire

To allow my fingers to trace

And the way your body shall embrace

So let this temptation now take us

So let us give in without any fuss

Let us now do what we want to do

Because I surrender my body to you

A Madman Staring At The Moon

I stared into the face of madness
I saw my reflection staring back
I stood on the brink of insanity
Only to find myself falling in

So here, am I, hiding away
In my own, secret, padded cell
No one comes here to visit
Because I am locked away inside my head

I am swimming in the sea of lunacy
Now ready for the crazed date of destiny
Wearing my finest straight jacket
I hear laughing, then realise it is me

I thought I was alone in this world
The problems never seem to fade away
So here am I looking up at the night
All the mad men staring at the moon

Chris Smith 2010

A Lucky Man

I have not written for some time

Working hard for no time for poetry

But now I write down words that rhyme

With all the words now flowing free

I should make more time to write

Writing down the way that I feel

But I have to wait until time is right

And a free moment I can steal

My job takes a lot of my time away

Coming home exhausted and tired

I find I seem to work almost every day

It seems that way ever since I was hired

But I come home to the one that I love

For I know she is always there

And I know by God up high above

She will always be there to care

So even if I work as hard as I can

Cleaning Boleyn Ward almost every day

She will make me feel a lucky man

I love her so what more can I say

copyright Chris Smith 2006

A Kiss

A kiss to your nose
For you are as beautiul as a rose

A kiss to your eyes
For you are as wonderful as the sunrise

A kiss to your lips
For you are as mysterious as the Eclipse

But most of all a kiss just for you
For always staying true

copyright Chris Smith1997

A Gothic Scream

I feel like I am screaming
Screaming from inside me
All is as it is seeming
Shadows are walking beside me

I feel like I am falling
Falling now and forever
I hear darkness calling
A darkness that ends, never

Hidden in a secret Gothic style
Black clouds are above me
I have walked a never ending mile
Waiting for someone to love me

Maybe I will have a heart, fitter
Pick myself up from the ashes and dust
There is a taste in my mouth, bitter
Feel that my life is bust

I have now come to the end
Can I make sense in what I say?
I do not know what is around the bend
In my silent world I will stay

copyright Chris Smith 2007

A Flame Now Extinguished

I can see the setting of the Sun
I watch a sky turning red
A romantic meal where candles burn
Poetry and beautiful words said

But then I look further at this World
There is a horror I wish I never saw
The terror I can see being hurled
The waste of life in a terrible war

Look at the young couples holding hands
Because now all I see is the colour black
Their love is one everybody understands
What of those young soldiers not coming back ?

Countless graves mark heroes who were not long, boys
Now they are gone, killed by a bomb or a gun
I shake my head at these lives now destroyed
Too many graves are here of men who were young

Show a salute for a man who once was a young lover
Who became a soldier to do what he believed to be right
Now these many young men lay buried next to each other
A flame now extinguished that once burned bright

copyright Chris Smith 2009

A Crown Of Barbed Wire

A crown of barbed wire

Adorns my bleeding head

I suffer the pain of fire

I must envy the dead

Witness this pain I feel

Cold daggers in my spine

The agony is unreal

The intensity is mine

Razor blades slice my fingers

Jagged nails within my feet

Searing pain that lingers

Burning flesh within the heat

The torture that darkness brings

Screaming from this empty shell

The punishment for my sins

Condemning me straight to hell

Hanging from a rusted rope

Suspending over an endless shore

With an ocean of no hope

This is mine until I take no more

copyright Chris Smith 2008

A Careless Thought

She keeps on thinking

With eyes never blinking

Never finding what she sought

Lost with a careless thought

Dreaming with a careless thought

He will never be there for her

He will never take it further

She knows it is broken dreams

Nothing being as it seems

So many tears she has made

Memories that can never fade

Forgetting all she was taught

With only a careless thought

Whispering with a careless thought

Body growing as cold as the grave

Being to this life a bitter slave

Her skin is as white as snow

Feelings that no longer grow

Forgotten words of a lost song

Shadows that are growing long

Lost battles that she has fought

Now are gone like a careless thought

Fading with a careless thought

copyright Chris Smith 2007