Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Lucky Man

I have not written for some time

Working hard for no time for poetry

But now I write down words that rhyme

With all the words now flowing free

I should make more time to write

Writing down the way that I feel

But I have to wait until time is right

And a free moment I can steal

My job takes a lot of my time away

Coming home exhausted and tired

I find I seem to work almost every day

It seems that way ever since I was hired

But I come home to the one that I love

For I know she is always there

And I know by God up high above

She will always be there to care

So even if I work as hard as I can

Cleaning Boleyn Ward almost every day

She will make me feel a lucky man

I love her so what more can I say

copyright Chris Smith 2006

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