Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dark Light

My soul feels the emptiness
Lost, alone and feeling adrift
Needing to escape this feeling
Wanting this desperation to lift

Feeling alone with needed isolation
Nothing left for me to carry the fight
So I open up these weeping eyes
And find myself looking only into dark light


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Dark Desire

Give in to your dark desire

Tell me what you want

How does your body ache

Trembling at my touch

I want you to show me

Exactly want you want to do

I need just to know

You feel this way

The same as me

Give in to dark desire

copyright Chris Smith 2005

Friday, 12 November 2010

Dante's Fire

I came to face the inferno

And stepped into the fire

And when the flames surrounded me

I felt you close to me, ready to rescue me

When I fell into the deep pit of Hell

And the fire of Hell singed my soul

You came and you pulled me out

Brought me back into reality once again

And when I face Dante's fire once more

When I know I need you the most

You will help keep the tormented feelings at bay

You will find me and always keep me safe


copyright Chris Smith 2009


On the Summer morning breeze

Flutters a lonely dandelion seed

Fluttering higher than the trees

Fluttering high, seeking a need

Floating for miles on the Summer sky

Travelling a gentle wind that does blow

Waiting to find a field where to land by

Where the seed shall take root, and grow

Coming down now to start a life again

In time dandelion will start to grow

A field of dandelion will be seen again

They will be there until the wind will blow

And once more, the cycle will begin to restart

And a million dandelion seeds will then fly

Quickly into the wind they will all dart

Flying up high, waiting to find a field to lie


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Crying Tears Of Blood

A man took his life
Just the other day
Left behind his wife
Then she blew herself away

A gang of racists came
Beat a man until he was dead
That poor man was not to blame
It was the prejudice eyes instead

I see this world around me now
And I am crying tears of blood
I wish it could be changed somehow
So I am no longer crying tears of blood

Addict asleep there in the road
Getting off on his highs
To the Devil, his soul is sold
You see death in his eyes

Young girl all on her own
Left home just to live in Hell
Now she feels so very alone
On a street corner, her body to sell

I see this world around me now
And I am crying tears of blood
I wish it could be changed somehow
So I am no longer crying tears of blood

Politician, corruption he always gives
Always going on holiday, somewhere sunny
In his life of luxury he always lives
He is getting rich on the public money

A soldier died in the line of duty yesterday
The sniper that shot him was never seen
His body now lies in a land so far away
His life was ended and he was only eighteen

I see this world around me now
And I am crying tears of blood
I wish it could be changed somehow
So I am no longer crying tears of blood


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Criminal Heart

Taking from me my criminal needs

Wrecking my heart so it bleeds

Giving me nothing but the pain

Living in it again and again

What were you waiting for?

You gave it all away like a whore

Shattered all of my dreams

Never listened to my screams

Leaving you, love breaks the law

Let me commit crime in loves' flaw

Living with you left me a mess

Without you is better I confess

I found something now brand new

Something a million times better than you

Someone who will be my maiden fair

Someone where life is worth it to share


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Crimes Of Passion

We will all face that mistake

For the crimes of passion we make

We give our heart for a moments' pleasure

Give into sensations we will treasure

The rules of love we will sometimes break

Crimes of passion we will always take

Our body will take on a sensual glow

Feeling hands that will be moving slow

Desire will come, flow like a lake

Allow crimes of passion to come awake

We will move in the rhythm of desire

Each new temptation will take us higher

Come and give your crimes of passion to me

My passion for you, I will plead guilty

I want your crimes of passion given to me

Crimes of passion as I feel your body set me free


copyright Chris Smith 2008


We forgot about the creatures
And of their horrifying features
How they seem to appear from the dark
Striking out at us, and leaving their mark

So, when you are walking alone tonight
You will feel the cold shiver of fright
You wonder, are thoughts of horror true?
Just remember, they are coming after you

You thought them unreal, they were fiction
In reality, terror has no restriction
Something is creeping, it is close by
It is ready to feed, the time has come to die

The screaming comes now, from all around
It is suddenly cut short, now there is no sound
From out of the darkness, figures appear
Suddenly, the beasts of the night are here

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Creation Of Damnation

I have created life from death

Proved I can cheat the reaper

I have created the eternal man

Brought him back from oblivion

And still they call him a monster

Let them mock me, I will not be stopped

Let them try and storm this castle

No one will control me, I am the Baron

And they will bow down to my will

I will rule with an army raised from the dead

I gave him life, why does he defy me?

He is my creation, his life is mine

How dare he try to turn against my will

How dare he try to be free

He is mine, and he will always be mine

We fought and he believes me to be dead

I now lie here broken on the ice

But no matter where he may hide

I will hunt him down and destroy him

The world has not seen the last of me, I will return


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Could You Love Me

Could you love me
If I can not love myself
Could you want me
If I do not want myself
Could you need me
When I do not need myself

Will you care for me
Always be there for me
Will you be a friend to me
Will you tend to me

Could you desire me
If I can not desire myself
Could you care for me
When I can not care for myself
Could you look out for me
If I can not look out for myself

Will you show me I am wrong
Will you help me to stay strong
Will you give me back my heart
And show my life how to start

Come and love me
Come and want me
Come and need me
Come and desire me
Come and care for me
Come and look out for me


copyright Chris Smith 2004

Could This Be

There was a time
When my heart was empty
Emotion was a crime
Love was an enemy

Then I met you
Opened up my day
Grey skies turned blue
Shadows faded away

Could this be
How love does feel
Could this be
When love is real

I used to cry alone
I was a broken shell
Faced it all alone
From grace I fell

But then you came along
You picked me up
Showed me how to be strong
When I had enough

Could this be
How love does feel
Could this be
When love is real

No more facing  my fears
No more head in hands
No more lonely years
No more broken strands

I have you I can hold
I have you with me now
I have you with love untold
I have you for life to allow

Could this be
How love does feel
Could this be
When love is real


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Cosmic Alphabet

Asteroids come passing on by
Beautiful visions up in the sky
Cosmic wonders seen at night
Delivering a spectacular sight
Each magnificent feature we see
Forever in a universe that is free
Galaxies are still waiting to be seen
Heavenly bodies, they glitter and gleam
Innocent twinkling of the stars
Jupiter shows beauty, so does Mars
Keep looking at the visions above
Lights shining out, brightly with love
Meteors are coming,visiting near
New born universes,somewhere, here
Open wonders that are in their prime
Paradoxes shown from another time
Quickly passes on,a shooting star
Running on past, from somewhere afar
Space still hides countless treasures
Teaching us still, of untold pleasures
Universal feelings are what we feel
Venus, the love Goddess, is so real
Wondering of what secrets still await
Xmas of endless galaxies are our fate
Yonder, up in Heavenly skies, a beautiful dream
Zodiacal river flows from a starbound stream


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Confused Unreality

Played billiards by using twin moons

Used the planets for a game of marbles

Toasted teacakes on a supernova sun

Went for a mystery tour with in a black hole

debated a game of chess with the Gods

Visited on the edge of forever

Stood by as I watched time collide

Gave a thought for a fallen star

Kissed goodbye to the extinction of a way of life

Sang a song inside a soundless void

Reached out to touch an Angels halo

But still I find myself confused

When understanding the rules of love


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Coming For Me

I feel him coming for me
His cold touch I will not escape
He comes for all of us, you see
A grinning skull in a hood and cape

Some will welcome his ice like embrace
Welcome him to come thake them away
From this realm of life to another place
For within this world they will not stay

I will fear him, it is not time to go
I am not ready for him to come
I still have so much to give and show
Leave me alone because you are not welcome

Death, yes, he is coming for me
And I know I can never escape
For he will come for us all, you see
Watch out for a grinning skull with hood and cape


copyright Chris Smith 2006

Comic Book Tales

They take me away into fantasy
Reading their exploits on paper
Entranced by the pictures drawn
Remembering how the child felt
Being in awe at the adventures
Under the spell of the comic book

Growing up following Spiderman
The troubles of Peter Parker under the mask
The Uncanny X-Men as mutants, fitting in
Even though humanity would not accept them
Steve Rogers fighting as Captain America
Trying to adjust of being a man out of time

The darkness of the world of the Dark Knight
And the nightmare of his terrifying foes
Of a powerful being from a dead world
Raised by adopted parents that shaped him
The God of thunder humbled by human beings
This addiction never faded, I continued to read

I saw heroes die and then they came back
I realised that they would live on forever
They stayed forever young and I aged
Judge Dredd would always be the law
When I have long passed from this earth
And I pray a new child grows up in awe of adventure


copyright Chris Smith 2010


He comes and makes people laugh out loud

He always plays all the time for the crowd

Everyone always applauds his jokes

He always has laughter at those he pokes

Now in his room he downs the beers

He is waiting for the tears

He lost her so long ago

God, how he misses her so

She was driving as the rain would lash

Lost control in that fatal crash

The police came and said she had died

From that day he has always cried

He wondered why she drove that night

She had some news which would be bright

She wanted to tell him of the baby they had made

Now, for him, the memories will never fade

He lost his beautiful lady and his unborn son

Wish he could end it all with a gun

The beer never really helps, that is no surprise

He can never stop all the tears that he cries

This is something his public will never know

So he now goes on, once more, with the show

The people will cotinue to laugh and to grin

He hides his sadness with the jokes he will bring


copyright Chris Smith 2007

Cold Soul

This cold morning chills me

No warmth for my bones

Just ice touches of misery

Wind like a Banshee moans

Bitter thoughts in my head

No one to tenderly want

I may be one of the undead

This torment continues to haunt

If only love comes my way

Temptation to warm my soul

Someone to share hope this day

To let my emotions flow


copyright Chris Smith 2008


So much anger now we are departed

With so many lies being told

How I wish we had never started

This romance now gone cold

Causing so much pain and misery

Causing nothing but any doubt

Wondering why you ever needed me

Before you decided to cast me out

All the detested words you state

All the wicked games you play

Lead now to nothing but hate

Forcing all the emotions away

Everything you say is so wrong

There are so many sorrows to drown

But all this is making me strong

You can never bring me down


copyright Chris Smith 2004

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Clydach Street

I can remember back

A house with a chimney stack

The street that we deliver

Nearby the Taff river

Clydach Street and the old Mansion

Now a pub with expansion

My old English teacher Mister Cronin

And he would never stop moaning

Steve, Araf and even Mark

Playing until it got dark

A coal fire and burning ember

Days back that I remember

You can not turn back the clocks

Go back to the old Bute docks

All you can do is remember when

Wishing you could go back again


copyright Chris Smith 1998

Christmas Cheer

Watching as the snow falls

Rushing to get presents, and paying

Laughter and fights with snowballs

And little children are playing

Wondering what Santa will bring

And what will be under the tree

Listening to carols that people sing

Singing of joy for the world to see

Feeling as your spirit lifts

What this year has put you through

And out of all the Christmas gifts

The best thing is being with you

All the White Christmases and Silent Nights

Decorations from wall to wall

The bright colours from the lights

And the goodwill to all

So let us all have a Merry Christmas

And a very Happy New Year

So come and let us lift a glass

And wish everyone a Christmas cheer


copyright Christopher Smith 2007


Some believe they are prisoners
Trapped with indecision for good
I wish I could somehow release them
When thoughts seem so misunderstood

Some say I am just a dreamer
Never knowing which way I will turn
But they are wrong, I know my direction
There is always something new to learn

You will always have to face the choices
When you come to the fork in the road
You will always hear so many voices
You forget those lessons you were told

Some try to go their own way, and are lost
They never seem to find the way back home
Follow that guiding star that lights the way
It will take you where you want to roam

Some are confused at the things they see
Wishing they were blind of what they face
Just open up your eyes and look beyond
Then maybe this world seems a beautiful place

You will always have to face the choices
When you come to the fork in the road
You will always hear so many voices
You forget those lessons you were told

I found love, my life can now rejoice
I know love, I made the right choice


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Monday, 8 November 2010

Celtic Beauty

Sadness graces the lines on her face.
A face that was once smooth with grace.
Age came visiting and left the trace,
Now she is searching to find her place.

Beauty did once belong to her,
She believed it would last forever.
But time has marked her like the weather,
She is now lost amongst the wild heather.

Once they used to call her the Celtic Queen.
For many her beauty was always seen,
Now faded like an actress on the silent screen.
She is wondering why life seems like a scene.

She sometime wishes that she could die,
Because for her faded beauty she will cry.
If to be beautiful again she could try,
Beauty has left her and she ponders why.

But if she opened her eyes to see,
That in my eyes she is always beauty.
Time come to us as it has to be.
My Celtic Queen always is beautiful to me.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Carry On With Living

When you are caught in a groove

In which things have to improve

Wondering what is the use

In so much damned abuse

There is always nothing but trouble

Where your difficulties just double

Everything seems to be all insane

And you keep having to explain

You have too many crosses to bear

Wash your problems out of your hair

Some people always seem to kiss and tell

So you seem to have to scream and yell

In this life no points are ever scored

Life is like a diamond which is flawed

So is there any use in just forgiving

You just have to carry on with living


copyright Chris Smith 2006

Caged Heart

She is caged like a bird

He keeps her heart, locked away

I would rescue her, if I could

And set her free on that day

She sits alone, she is lost in thought

He keeps her a prisoner of her heart

He never shows her the love she sought

For he would not know how to start

She longs to be away from him

To feel the world at her feet

To escape and be upon a whim

To allow her heart, to at last, beat

She has never felt a lovers' gentle touch

She has never been outside the closed door

But she wants to spread her wings so much

She wants to be allowed to soar

I would come and I would open her cage

But she belongs to him, and always will

She is kept back at this stage

But I want to rescue her, still


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Buttercup Dream

Beautiful lady, take my hand
Undress as you do understand
Tender feelings as naked we run
Through buttercups in the Sun
Each sound of laughter, my dear
Reaches inside my heart so near
Come to me, as we embrace and kiss
Unseen by the world in our loving bliss
Purity of our two souls touching above

Doing what is our true desire, making love
Ready to respond to our bodies motion
Each of us lost, in our deepest emotion
And then we stand, and are running once more
May this field of buttercups see our dreams soar


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Burning Needles

My brain seems to be on fire
My eyes refuse to try and focus
My life is becoming twisted and dire
I begin to feel like a blackened corpse

The hours have dragged on by
The clock slowly ticking my life away
There is no purpose to seek an alibi
I hear screaming, but the screaming is me

I am so tired of being life's whipping boy
I am a reflection in a smashed mirror
Destiny seeks me out to search and to destroy
I feel burning needles stabbing my eyes

I fail to find the sleep that I desperately crave
More work for tonight, taking me to oblivion
I drag my feet, like walking to my grave
I always face the same old story over and over

I know I must strive to change my shadow life
For outside my wall, there are good times waiting
So I try my best to balance, and not fall on the knife
But I am afraid to laugh within the asylum of my mind


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Brothers And Sisters

Brothers, together they marched
Across the burnt out wasteland
Weapons held,they charged
And together, as brothers, they fell

Sisters, holding their heads high
Carrying on throughout the day
Doing what they must, for they do try
And together, as sisters, they are seen

Brothers, sisters, with words they write
Poetic verse shared, for all to read
Together we come, our poems for the fight
And together, my brothers and sisters, we will rise


copyright Chris Smith 2010