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Monday, 8 November 2010

Caged Heart

She is caged like a bird

He keeps her heart, locked away

I would rescue her, if I could

And set her free on that day

She sits alone, she is lost in thought

He keeps her a prisoner of her heart

He never shows her the love she sought

For he would not know how to start

She longs to be away from him

To feel the world at her feet

To escape and be upon a whim

To allow her heart, to at last, beat

She has never felt a lovers' gentle touch

She has never been outside the closed door

But she wants to spread her wings so much

She wants to be allowed to soar

I would come and I would open her cage

But she belongs to him, and always will

She is kept back at this stage

But I want to rescue her, still


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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