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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Comic Book Tales

They take me away into fantasy
Reading their exploits on paper
Entranced by the pictures drawn
Remembering how the child felt
Being in awe at the adventures
Under the spell of the comic book

Growing up following Spiderman
The troubles of Peter Parker under the mask
The Uncanny X-Men as mutants, fitting in
Even though humanity would not accept them
Steve Rogers fighting as Captain America
Trying to adjust of being a man out of time

The darkness of the world of the Dark Knight
And the nightmare of his terrifying foes
Of a powerful being from a dead world
Raised by adopted parents that shaped him
The God of thunder humbled by human beings
This addiction never faded, I continued to read

I saw heroes die and then they came back
I realised that they would live on forever
They stayed forever young and I aged
Judge Dredd would always be the law
When I have long passed from this earth
And I pray a new child grows up in awe of adventure


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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