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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cosmic Alphabet

Asteroids come passing on by
Beautiful visions up in the sky
Cosmic wonders seen at night
Delivering a spectacular sight
Each magnificent feature we see
Forever in a universe that is free
Galaxies are still waiting to be seen
Heavenly bodies, they glitter and gleam
Innocent twinkling of the stars
Jupiter shows beauty, so does Mars
Keep looking at the visions above
Lights shining out, brightly with love
Meteors are coming,visiting near
New born universes,somewhere, here
Open wonders that are in their prime
Paradoxes shown from another time
Quickly passes on,a shooting star
Running on past, from somewhere afar
Space still hides countless treasures
Teaching us still, of untold pleasures
Universal feelings are what we feel
Venus, the love Goddess, is so real
Wondering of what secrets still await
Xmas of endless galaxies are our fate
Yonder, up in Heavenly skies, a beautiful dream
Zodiacal river flows from a starbound stream


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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