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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


He comes and makes people laugh out loud

He always plays all the time for the crowd

Everyone always applauds his jokes

He always has laughter at those he pokes

Now in his room he downs the beers

He is waiting for the tears

He lost her so long ago

God, how he misses her so

She was driving as the rain would lash

Lost control in that fatal crash

The police came and said she had died

From that day he has always cried

He wondered why she drove that night

She had some news which would be bright

She wanted to tell him of the baby they had made

Now, for him, the memories will never fade

He lost his beautiful lady and his unborn son

Wish he could end it all with a gun

The beer never really helps, that is no surprise

He can never stop all the tears that he cries

This is something his public will never know

So he now goes on, once more, with the show

The people will cotinue to laugh and to grin

He hides his sadness with the jokes he will bring


copyright Chris Smith 2007

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