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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Burning Needles

My brain seems to be on fire
My eyes refuse to try and focus
My life is becoming twisted and dire
I begin to feel like a blackened corpse

The hours have dragged on by
The clock slowly ticking my life away
There is no purpose to seek an alibi
I hear screaming, but the screaming is me

I am so tired of being life's whipping boy
I am a reflection in a smashed mirror
Destiny seeks me out to search and to destroy
I feel burning needles stabbing my eyes

I fail to find the sleep that I desperately crave
More work for tonight, taking me to oblivion
I drag my feet, like walking to my grave
I always face the same old story over and over

I know I must strive to change my shadow life
For outside my wall, there are good times waiting
So I try my best to balance, and not fall on the knife
But I am afraid to laugh within the asylum of my mind


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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