Friday, 31 December 2010

Everything I Touch

You think you know this darkness?
To look deep into the blackness?
I've seen it far too many times
And always paid for my crimes
I know I let you down once again
Holding your patience, counting to ten
But I am a complicated beast of a man
Hurting you was never part of the plan
I only wish that you could only see
That even I don't even know me
You are the one who stays strong
Whilst everything I touch goes wrong

I wish I could change what has past
Stop living my life in this bomb blast
You are far more better than me
A man who is left feeling too empty
I pray you know how much I love you
But how much more can you forgive what I do?
I keep upsetting you, with too much hurting
I don't blame you if you're now deserting
I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to go
That would be my curse, that I know
You are the one who stays strong
Whilst everything I touch goes wrong

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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