Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Spring, they say, is the time to find love.
A time for hope to blossum, a time to shine.
Where everything begins as new, and air is fresh.
When the birds sing music each new day.
And we give thanks to our Lord up above.
And our life always may turn out fine.
Where Mother Nature gives this world a new dress.
We never want the Spring to go away.

Summer, is when the heat makes us come alive.
Enjoying the time in the burning sun.
Taking a holiday and we drift far away.
Our gardens become a vibrant colour of beauty.
This is when we thank God that we still survive.
We feel that glory in a work well done.
A gentle cool breeze in trees that sway.
We wish this was how it would be for all of Infinity.

Autumn comes, when it is time for the Fall.
Children run in glee trying to catch the dropping leaves.
When they know soon they can play trick or treat.
No one notices how quickly the weather will change.
We listen as birds fly away as each other they call.
Colder times are on the way, and above the Sun grieves.
Wrap up warm and put your boots on your feet.
Time to shiver, the warm times now seem to be strange.

Winter strikes, through blizzards and the snow.
Skeleton trees and a barren land is all we will see.
But Christmas will come and make us, once again, smile.
When for one day the world unites in our time to need.
Cold and lonely rain drops the sky now has to show.
Wrapped up in heavy coats, scarves to hide away our misery.
The frozen touch as Winter comes to stay for awhile.
But we know, it will not be long for the Spring to bring the seed.


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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