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Thursday, 2 December 2010


Sometimes I look up into the night sky,
And then I think and wonder why,
Why does life sometimes hurt so bad?
Even when we love, it can be also sad.

Sometimes I sink down on to my knees,
Pray to God, "Can you help me please"?
I wonder if he ever listens to me up there.
I wonder if there is anyone who will really care.

Sometimes everything just falls apart, it goes wrong.
I become so very weak, when I should be strong.
Cruel words seem to always be hurled at my head.
How can you try to forgive, the poison that is said?

Sometimes I feel there is no point in carrying on,
And the days seem to stretch forever long.
So here I am, once again, looking up at the night sky.
Trying so very hard, not to bring down and cry.

Sometimes I thank God I can always turn to you.
You make it so worthwhile, every thing that I do.
So when times are too hard, you stay for awhile.
And sometimes I know, you heal me when you smile.


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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