Wednesday, 1 December 2010


The night is my time to raise
But I will not harm, I will not kill
They will destroy me if they can
For I will not embrace their ways
I was once a man, I was once human

They use the night to hunt their prey
Turning those that they think worthy
Draining them dry and spreading the terror
Following him that calls him the King of us
Obeying his rules and obeying his ways

But there are few of us that have broken free
Living alone from each other and never meeting
They track us down and they destroy our souls
Behead us so we never rise up against them
I have escaped every time to defend my life

The King was the first, he was the one from the book
Called him a Count, he was tormented by his evil
But we should co-exist and not hunt what we once were
Not see people as cattle and use them to feed this curse
We can love a human because we are still a living soul

So let my own kind call me the name of a rogue
Let them shun me and see me as only an outcast
Let them leave me and be with my human lover
I am Vampire but I remember was once a man
And as a man I knew the meaning of the word love

Copyright Chris Smith 2009

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