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Friday, 3 December 2010


Come and follow me
And we will be free
To be slaves no more
No need to fight for
Rebel against men from Rome
And I will lead you home

We will have to fight
For what is our right
We will have to kill
Of death I'd had my fill
Follow me my fellow men
We are destinied to be free again

We strike back with our heart
Tearing our enemies apart
For freedom we will strike
Of us, Rome has never seen the like
I know that we will win
For I can sense our lives begin

I hang here over the Appian Way
Crucified for daring to be free this day
They may break my body but my soul lives on
I will still be remembered when my enemies are gone
I am still free and they will never ever understand
For soon I will be a free man at God's right hand


copyright Chris Smith 2008

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