Monday, 29 November 2010

Passion Of Contentment

Meeting in a hotel room
Both of us shy at first
Then the taste of your kiss
The sweetest of your lips
Then the dancing of our tongues

You move your hand slowly down
Stroking and teasing me through my jeans
My hands cupping your breasts now
Feeling them react through your top
We allow this passion to take us

We strip each other, unable to wait
Then you push me onto the bed
Straddling and teasing me with want
Rubbing me against your wet desire
Before taking me inside you

Riding on top, slowly at first
Before building up to release
Taking me faster, making me go deeper
And I cherish the fullness of your breasts
Your nipples ripe for me to taste

Pulling you down to my aching body
Lifting my knees to fully enter you
Passionate kisses as I move inside
Feeling you push with each stroke
Screaming out for your need to release

Then moving you onto your back
And like animals, we give in to this lust
Your legs wrapped around my back
Squeezing me tight as you surrender
Your passion flooding as I pound faster

I can feel myself ready, prepared to errupt
And I thrust deeper still, filling you with me
My seed explodes inside your well of delight
Then we collapse into each others arms
Content to be with each other, until we begin again


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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