Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Remember The Heroes

They promised I would see the world
That I would be going places
To train me with all new skills
That the life of a soldier was for me

So I learnt to fight in Hell
Went to places I wanted to forget
I was shown how to kill
But you bond with best friends

Your best friend fights by your side
Helps you to get through another day
Is always there to share in a smile
You never want your best friend to go

But my best friend died today
Took a bullet that was meant for me
I cried for my best friend today
We were a long way from home

Will I ever see home again?
Be in the arms of the one I love?
Or am I destinied to die here?
Another soldier, so far from home

But if I was to bite the bullet this day
I know I did it, defending my country
Making sure the terror I see, never goes home
I am a soldier and please remember my name

Remember me, how I stood proud against the enemy
Remember me, last moment may be my last
Remember me, because this is what I must do
Remember us, we are all the brave hearts


I am not a soldier but this is a tribute for us to remember our heroes.

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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