Friday, 3 December 2010


Sorrow fills these litter strewn streets

Blood clots hidden in a forgotten corner

From another victim of some past gone mugging

Who was attacked and found at the end of a knife

In a society that seems to no longer care anymore

Where even the attacker succumbs to the need to exist

Turning to crime just to find a way to support their endless life

Sorrow for the woman crying with nowhere she can turn

Her innocence has been stripped and has been made bare

She never asked but she had to succumb when forced

The word " no " she repeated just went unheard every time

She is too scared to report anything for she feels she would not be believed

She dressed to please herself but others found it an unwanted invitation

Now her stains fall and stain the bruises that will go unnoticed

Sorrow for a black man who tried to live his own way of life

But the colour of his skin marked him to prejudice eyes

They kicked him until he was on the brink of death

Then left he bleeding in the cold chill of a dark uncaring night

He went to church and always would give to a needed charity

But racist eyes marked him with thoughts of needless hatred

A shame that it happens on both sides and no one takes the blame

A sorrow fills this world as she screams in a pain that will never be heard

As we reap and we take but never return back to her want she needs

We burn and we poison the skies and the seas that once had beauty

We kill for blood sport and we hunt that which can not fight back

Nature adapts the best it ever can but we still drag it down

What hope is there for a new generation when nothing will be left

We race towards the brink of destruction and fall into our own extinction

copyright Chris Smith    2009

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