Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Reaching Out

I take a look at this World around me

I do not tolerate racism in all it's forms

Nor do I want to see facism around me

Or abuse, so much anger it storms

I respect every man and every woman

Be you christian, athiest or any religion

Be you straight, lesbian or a gay man

You are always my friend, no matter what the persuation

I understand what ever your sexual interest

As long as you respect me in myself

Be you happy or be you depressed

I respect friendship in itself

I believe every one is equal

I want a World of peace

I love all of the people

I wish hatred would cease

As for soldiers that fight in a war

You fight to keep all countries true

I may not understand some of what you fight for

But I know the hell you must go through

As for gothic, wiccan, witch craft and all your fate

You too are beautiful and you always will

I can never find the right words to state

Of how much friendship you always fill

Black, white, asian, oriental - no matter who you are

I love all of you , every one of you , one and another

My heart reaches out to you, so matter how far

We are all a mother, a father, a sister, a brother


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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