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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Thank You

Some say to me, you have a talent

I must be blind for I do not see it

I wonder have I tapped my own potential?

I write the words that flow through me

The only reward that I ever ask for

Is for my words to be read and measured

No amount of money could ever be enough

To show the respect I feel for those who come to read

To follow the words that I write

For if this is truely a gift that I have

Then it is a gift that flows from all of you

For without you, I would then be nothing

Just another unknown poet going unheard

I grow in strength knowing that everything I write

Is here to always to be read by you

And for that I give you my blessing

And the love granted by almighty God above

And let these last two words stand eternal

Thank you


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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