Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Throwing It All Away

He used to touch her soul
Now he sits there all alone
Too proud to find a way
To say how he really feels

In his younger days he smiled
But the years wiped it from him
Changed the light into the dark
Now he is waiting for nothing

He pushed her away from his side
She would have given him the world
If only he had opened up a little bit
He let the past destroy their future

That was so many years long gone
He is an old man now, twisted and bitter
Empty inside, his emotions have long flown
Staring at the wall as if it's a picture show

He has thrown it all away, there is nothing left
Sitting in his chair, finding another grey hair
Never wonders about what she is doing now
He finally closes his eyes and the lights go out


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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