Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Real You

You pretend to be someone else
Hiding behind so many masks
Giving smiles to hide the tears
Never revealing your true self
For then they would see the pain

You are the life and soul of the party
Entertaining and making them laugh
But deep inside, you are screaming
Not allowing your soul to escape
Keeping it locked away, a prisoner

Then you write your poetry, your words
And hide yourself within the stanzas
Each flow are your tears falling down
Each sentence is grafted with agony
Could they look between your words?

You feel no one really understands you
All you want is to taste the sweetness
To sample the delightness of real love
And not have to pretend anymore
Why can not the heart stop aching?

Do you not see the real you deep down?
The beautiful person that you really are
The one your readers come to cherish
And always they keep coming back for more
You are never alone for you are blessed

So write on and continue to flourish inside
Be strong and never hide from who you are
If some can not accept you, well damn them
For there are those who see your true face
They are the ones who stand by the real you


coyright Chris Smith 2010

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