Saturday, 11 December 2010

War Is A Three Letter Word

Soldiers try their best to do their duty
Avoiding stones from the protesters
Who should throw them at the General
Because a soldier does his job with honour
War is a three letter word

Generals drink white wine somewhere in comfort
While a true soldier faces unknown death
Having to fight in some far away strange land
Because his orders tell him he has to be there
War is a three letter word

When you sleep tonight and children are safe
Teenagers and young men and women dreaming
Knowing tomorrow they will face another day
Then think of the mother of a soldier who prays
War is a three letter word

Watch the TV, and go about your work
Bless a new day when you see the sun rise
That poor mother begs her son or daughter is safe
That her soldier will not be returning home in a box
War is a three letter word

Remember that the soldier is fighting to protect us
They are there, putting their life on the line
We know War is Hell, but we are not the one's fighting
So I say a silent pray, "don't let a young soldier die"
War is a three letter word

copyright Chris Smith November 29th 2009

Keep our heroes safe this Christmas, send them a prayer

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