Monday, 6 December 2010

The Other Side

I can feel him laughing in my head

Trying to make his madness seep out

I feel his torment and I shiver

Glad I will be safe in the light of day

He is the curse I must carry inside

But come the darkness of night

And that vile creature of a man will be free again

To take what he wants from any woman he finds

The evil as he twists and he snaps their necks

And that evil laughter ringing out in the night

I have tried to rid myself of his wickedness

But, alas, I fear I am a weak man

Trembling at the mere mention of the name of Hyde

And I am condemned to be the frail form of Jekyll

If I was only brave enough to kill myself with my gun

But as the shadows begin for the night

I feel him crawling to be released

To stalk out the unsuspecting for his kill

My will is too fragile for his is too strong

I can never escape this monster that dwells deep inside


copyright Chris Smith 2009 (Sequel to "The Dark Side")

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